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Kit price advice

Okay, I am wrapping up the Talking to the Animals kit and I am debating about the price. I would like to charge a $10 donation. The kit has 56 papers and 122 elements so I think the price is fair especially since it is a charity collab. It will also include a $5 coupon to my store. I am setting up a dedicated email today in order to receive receipts for the Paypal donations so that all proceeds go to the Animal Protection League and to keep things somewhat simple.

I would love some input on this from you guys since I have never done a charity collab before.

I think a packed out charity kit for $10 is reasonable. I used to be involved with Songbird Avenue and it was always a loaded kit worth every penny!

I think it sounds like a reasonable price.

I think $10 is a fair price. With that much goodies included, it's like getting at least 4 kits plus the extra bonus $5. That's a pretty great deal and it's going to a good cause.

Thanks guys! smiley