A Crash Course in Creativity

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A Crash Course in Creativity

This is a free class from Standford University. It begins at the end of April. I hope some of you join me!


It sounds interesting. I was taking a course through them before from Stanford (Introduction to Logic) and it was fun. I'll see closer to the date if I have time and if there's room - I might be starting back to work shortly so don't want to commit if I'll be dead tired from working and not enough juice left to do the course. smiley

Thanks for the info Molly! I can always use a creativity booster! I'm going to try to sign up for this!

Humm... thinking about it... The first weeks coincides with the last ones from the SNP´s Desingn Mentoring Classes, which I´m taking. Let´s see... Are you planning to do a Scrapper´s team Molly?

Lorien, what are these Design Mentoring classes of which you speak? How much do they cost?

Sounds great! Thanks for the info. and link!

@Heather - It is an activity on scraps and pieces forum, and it´s free, but now they reached the limit of people, and will only open for other people if someone gives up. It´s here on their forum.

Good to know. Thanks for the info.