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Talk to the Animals

I will continue to add previews and information to this post in the next 24 hours but I know some of you have been anxious to see the kit. There are more papers and elements than I could include but I tried to get a wide variety in each preview. There are over 55 papers, 125+ elements (including some recolors) and a coupon for my store. There is also at least 1 quickpage (more are in the works), and possibly some clusters and journal cards (beyond the 6 included in the kit already).

Kit previews:

A few more previews:

And the ad... I tried to make this poignant without being too gruesome. If you are uncomfortable with it feel free to edit it.

April 10, 2013
Over 150 dead farm animals…
About 100 survivors…
The Animal Protection League found foster homes for them in 2 days!
Support the ongoing care by donating $10 or more and receive Talk to the Animals collab free: with over 55 papers, more than 120 elements, 2 alphas, 7 quickpages, 21 journal cards, 6 filler cards and 2 clusters, plus a $5 coupon to mollyscraps.

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Donate here:
Email receipt:
Receive links within 24 hours.

Looking good! Will the final be up in a store somewhere?

Marisa, no. I decided to upload the links and then distribute them to buyers when they send me the receipt for their donations. That means all sales go to the APL and everyone knows for sure that the money is getting donated.

Unfortunately, this reduces the exposure so I am hoping that everyone who is aware of the collab promotes it well...

I will be adding more info to the original post as the day goes on. I still need to create an ad and a couple of people are working on some extras to go along with the kit.

I would like to advertise this on my blog when it's ready. Will people be able to do that? It looks awesome, by the way! It feels really great to be a part of this. Thank you for thinking of it Molly.

Lou Anne- absolutely!! I will adore everyone who helps promote this kit. Thank you for contributing and I have updated the ad (here and in the file I emailed to contributors).

And the kit is officially live so promote away!! smiley

I put a link on the front page. I just linked to this thread, let me know if I should link somewhere else.

Wonderful! Will promote it on my blog as well. I don't have many followers but hope it will get you at least a few more people to join the cause. smiley

Molly, I just wanted to let you know the donate button takes us to an error page on Paypal. I'm not sure why but it isn't working correctly.

Thanks Tina! I updated the link to direct to the ANimal Protection League homepage. There is a donate button on there. I am so glad you found that!

The ad has been posted on Facebook in the "Artists Who Love Animals" group.

We have received two receipts for donations already. That is maybe slow but with the beginning of the month and iNSD I think that's pretty awesome... thought I would share the good news!

Great! I will try to remember to put it in this week's newsletter.


Such a great thing you are doing! smiley

How's it selling, Molly? I'll do another round of promos on my blog and FB page. Maybe if those of us who have it could try to do some pages with it to share in galleries, it would help get the word out. I'll add that to my to-do list...

Hello - Is this still ongoing? If so do I just click on the link where it says DONATE? Then do I tell you I was wanting this lovely little kit after donating?