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Paint Shop Pro Resource Links

I was browsing around for a tutorial awhile back, and came across this link for PSP tutorials, masks, filters, and tubes. It looks like it's probably a work in progress, but several links are working.

thanks for sharing Jamie!

I just came across this site that has tons of free PSP scripts and tutorials and such. I don't use PSP myself but thought it might be helpful to those of you who do:

Thanks Violet. I love Cassel's scripts.

Cassel's looks like a great place for scripts! I'm glad you shared this smiley If no one minds, I'd like to add a resource, as I've purchased several from this store, and I've been very happy with them.

She has 7 freebies listed right now, and has converted several scripts to PSD templates so Photoshop users can use them too.

I've attended some of cassel's video classes - they're good, but I think they're geared toward people with a good knowledge of PSP and that are familiar with all the menus, not people like me. Although I've had PSP for a while, I haven't had much time to devote to learning it (still don't have much time to do that) and I was working with an older version (XI) of the software. Fast forward to this year, and my hubby installed X4 on our new's almost like starting all over again for me (it's not like XI at all). This makes it hard for me to follow her in her video classes (she doesn't always tell you what to click on to do certain functions), not to mention that sometimes the connection has acted up (her end or mine, I don't know) and the audio is "breaking up" or delayed. Given that, plus her thick accent sometimes it's a struggle to keep up/follow. She also does things at a quick a pace to try to fit in as much as she can in an hour - which also makes it hard for me to keep up/follow. I view this as my problem, not hers, because I feel I should be more knowledgeable in the software. Down the road, as I become more familiar with PSP, I think I will try attending her classes again.

I've never used scripts... I'm a bit afraid of them, to be honest - I don't understand how they work, how to install them, run them or create them - I'm afraid I would mess things up royally. (this subject might be too advanced for me right now)

Scripts aren't that scary Lizanne, it's just that you put the right files in the right folder, they can't cause any damage!
Most of the time when you buy a script, the designer also put's in a manual how to install it and most designers are very helpfull when things aren't going like it should do!

Thanks for the links! Allways useful.

lots to look at there... and I agree, cassel has some great scripts that save a of of time!

A couple of free candy making tuts... one for jelly beans:

HI THANK U SO MUCH. smiley smiley

I have monthly free classes, as Lizanne pointed out, and yes, they might seem a bit fast for those with little practice with PSP, however, the recorded (and edited and with call-outs and zoom-in) version of the class is always available for a whole month, free, after the live class. So anyone can view and re-view them at their leisure, as often as needed. The recorded videos are often better than the live one view for a few reasons:
- no connection issues
- the screen is larger than it shows during the live show
- I include many zoom-in to show the exact settings or tools, something that is not possible during the live event.

The list of classes is here. The last one is always available for free (not the others).