Frustration with Free Redownloading

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Frustration with Free Redownloading

I recently made a donation and plan to use this site a ton in the near future. Also looking to tell others about this place. With that said, part of the reason in making my donation was be able to freely redownload past purchases. What was not made clearly aware was the fact that you are limiting this to 4 more downloads AND within a 30 day time frame! This should be listed on the download page at least in the small print. This is quite frustrating! While it is true you are giving the option for a free redownload, there are "catches" to it that were not made clear. Just thought you should know.

Thanks for letting us know about your frustration on that point, Bradley. That's a good point that we should mention that somewhere in the help pages. Though I've got good news for you: we're planning on allowing unlimited re-downloading for everyone in the near future--stay tuned!

AND: thanks a lot for your donation!

I never got annoyed neither for the times I can download, nor for the time limits, because it´s what happen when you buy something on digiscrap stores too... You usually have 10 - 20 days to download/redownload items, and redownload is limited to 3-5 times. If you need to redownload more than these times or out of this period, you need to pay for it again. It´s somehow unfair from the costumer point of view, but it´s like that... And, as far as I understand now that I am becoming a desinger, it´s necessary for some reasons, including that you pay for every time someone re-downloads sth... If any user of this site uses something, deletes it and redownload when needs to use again, Marisa and Jordan will spend a lot, as they pay for each download...

Re-downloading up to four times in a month's period to me is quite fair. I do my downloads and hopefully in that month am able to unzip and file the items in appropriate folders. Once I unzip I then save the zip file in a folder (which has multiple is they are for kits) and then periodically I back the zipped files on DVD's. This way, if I need to I can go back to the zip files and unzip/sort again. I also try to periodically save files that have been unzipped and sorted as I like to create uniform folders within kit folders for all of my stash to DVD's then I do not have to go through the organizing a second time. I also use Carbonite to backup off site, though the digi files do take a while to get backed up. I have to say that I have used the redownload feature every once in a while and has worked as intended for me.