What are your favorite iPad/iPhone apps?

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What are your favorite iPad/iPhone apps?

I recently got an iPad mini and now I almost have to go to App Addict Anonymous because I've been downloading so many apps (only free ones so far). There are some great photo editing apps (but that's for the Photography forum) for photos for my Instagram account (peggyapl), and there are even some makeover apps that are such fun to play with (like Perfect365).
Great fun to do virtual makeovers of my friends and family!
Anyone have some favorite apps that I should check out?

I love Words With Friends because I can play with my mom who lives in another state, and I also play with my 9YO son who is in the other room! I like Snapseed for playing with photos. There is an app called Today's Doc that pops up a random historical document of the day which is cool if you are a history nerd like me. 500pix is cool for looking at awesome photos. iFontMaker is a lot of fun, it's not free, but I thought it was worth it. Have fun with your ipad!

I have a ton... I have all the social media apps, word with friends, dice with buddies, netflix, redbox, pill monitor (for my supplements), target, ulta, sephora, walgreens, michaels, joanns, kindle.... phew!

Check out appsgonefree een serious app, no advertisments, that will list everyday new apps that have become free for one day. Its part of the AppAdvice Daily which also is a great app, but I can't remember if it was free or not, I have had it for ages. The app reviews all new apps and this is how I stay on top of things. AppAdvice Daily also has a website.

I love Apps Gone Free too. My other favorite is probably the Amazon app. Oh, and the Domino's app ... we live out in the country so when we do our big monthly shopping trip in "town", the Domino's app comes in super handy. I can load the kids in the car, pull up the app, and see all the coupons available at the closest Domino's. Then I can build our pizzas (no chance of misheard orders ... if there's a mistake, I did it myself!), see the total, and order. The oldest loves telling me how far the "pizza tracker" has gotten. "Okay, order is being prepared ... mom, now it's baking ... it's ready!"

Then we have pizza on the way home. It's the only time they can eat in the car, and it's PIZZA, so they love it!

Apps Gone Free gets checked daily. I read daily from Kindle app too. Also there is App Wall and Book Wall both basically pull stats from iTunes and tell you what popular. You can sort by category including paid or free and link to iTunes when you want to download something...

If you have an iPhone too, I highly recommend Find iPhone.

I use my Bank of America app tons.

Educational apps include TED, Nat Geo Today (gorgeous!) and Learnist.

Also Suess Send lets you make and send Suess themed e-cards...

Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything (not free but awesome).

Social Media apps: Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Dashboard

Games: Mini Golf Match-UP, Text Adventure

Sleep Aid: Serenity (fabu!!!!!!)

Music: iHeartRadio, Sky. FM

TV: Xfinity, Disney Channel, Episodes (really great for keeping track of shows if you don't watch regular broadcasts).

Tips: GMS Trade Secrets- because Chef Sam Talbot is my celebrity crush and he has some videos on here....

Between my iPhone (had one since they first came out) and iPad, I have about 2000 apps- most free or .99but not all of them. These are some of my faves. And, of course, I have not listed any of the bazillion photo apps I have... maybe I need to travel to the other thread soon...

I'll give you a list of my must have apps, but most of them cost money. I am very happy with them though so I figured it's worth the share.

I highly recommend getting a bluetooth keyboard if you are serious about writing on an iPad. I bought a Logitech keyboard that acts as a cover and a stand for my iPad depending on whether I'm using it or not. I couldn't be any happier with it. The battery life is great and it doesn't take up any more space than the iPad by itself would. It has turned my iPad into a serious tool rather than just a novelty.

Writing apps:

Novel in 30 (good for NaNoWriMo, not great for people who have more than one project going at a time)
Index Card
Mindjet Maps
Corkulous Pro

Art apps:

Art Rage
PS Touch


Noteshelf (this one is part art app, part note taking app. It's got some pretty cool features, but it's hard to classify. It's not quite an art app, but it's more than a writing app.)
iFontMaker (so easy to make your own fonts with this app. I was finished with my 1st 10 minutes after I installed it)
Plants vs Zombies

I'm a app loser compared to some of you! I mostly poke around on Pinterest and then read FARK through their free app. I'm addicted to bejeweled - lordy. Just as well I don't have a thousand apps, I futz around with what little I have too much as it is!

yay, lots of apps to check out! thanks, everyone, keep em coming! and yes, i check apps gone free every day!

Pulse News

one note
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my fitness pal
my ebay
right move
candy crush
quick office

Kindle, Facebook, Ebay, Dropbox, Netflix, Youtube. I have appgratis and app of the day, which boyh have a free app every day and I have installed loads that I haven't even had time to look at yet!