Paper SB Supply Donations?

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Paper SB Supply Donations?

Are there any digital scrapbookers who used to use paper that now have supplies to donate to a non-profit? I work at an art education center and could give a tax exempt form thingy to anyone willing to donate paper, stickers, embellishments, etc to us. Please no religious stuff or things not suitable for kids. We are located in Maryland near D.C. Thanks!


Kim, I will need to go through some stuff and see if I have anything... smiley

I'm going to change the title a bit more detailed and then move this thread over to Chit Chat forum since it doesn't exactly pertain to digital scrapbooking.
You should hopefully get more responses that way. smiley

I wish I could help, but I am too far away! If anyone knows any crafting charities in North Wales, UK. I would like to know. I tried googling but nothing came up.

I'm afraid not, but I'd imagine a lot of scrappers have tons of extra stuff. Best of luck to you finding stuff!

I'm too far away as well. Sorry.