This place is dangerous for me...

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This place is dangerous for me...

Ever since I saw the post on the Feb blog train, I've been contemplating getting back into designing. Well, I went looking for some free CU stuff and wound up on Deviant Art. I thought to myself, I have time while I have my afternoon tea. Yeah, well 3 hours later and no supper I finally went and did the things I needed to get done. And now its just about time to go to bed...

smiley smiley

Well Cat, I definitely feel your pain. Pixel Scrapper is my main hangout when it comes to freebies because everything I download here is CU. I love the forum for challenges and conversations and the fact that they offer really clear tutorials is great too! Next time, bring a healthy snack to the computer with you so you don't miss dinner!

Well... I guess I stand to lose a pound or two smiley

smiley This sounds really nice Cat!

I actually like the fact that I only get a limited number of credits at Pixel Scrapper each day - it keeps me coming back when I'd likely forget otherwise, AND it keeps me from going on downloading binges like you just described, lol! smiley

I actually didn't download a whole bunch of stuff. I just lost looking around at all the art on there. Its amazing all the talented artists there are that go unrecognized or acknowledged.

I am new to this site, and already it is my daily 'to do'! I have Craft Artist, and have been known to be at my pc scoffing maltesers at 1 a.m., having missed supper!! Oopsy!

I recognise my self in your message. smiley I came and I was thinking to stay for few minutes... 3 hours later I was still on that site. It's so amazing. Like Heather it's a good thing that we have a limited number of credit...

Hi friends,
I am also spending way too much time here. DANGEROUS! smiley I also created something today! YAY! You can see it on my website at

I hope to do more and more as I keep coming back here for the daily credit! smiley


I am a new addict too, you can find me watching the clock for when it ticks over and I have more points haha smiley

I recently got back into digital art thanks to the app Procreate on my iPad. When I realized that I could use digital scrapbooking stuff in my projects, I went nuts. I've spent way more money than I care to admit in the past couple of weeks as I build up a collection of essential pieces. I really wish I had kept my files when I stopped digi scrapping years ago. A lot of stuff is out of date with the trends, but things like stitches and PS styles and grunge brushes are always useful.

I've lost hours myself to either downloading, organizing my downloads, or sketching ideas for things I want to try to design for myself. I can definitely relate.

seriously dangerous... it's after lunch & I have yet to do any actual work today... smiley I actually made something yesterday with some scrapping elements, so at least all my download hoarding is not all for naught... smiley hehehe

I agree with you I am on here every single day! If I am not that means something is up!!!! LOL this site is so addictive!!!

I am new here myself, and can definietly see myself coming back to get my free daily download fix. You will be seeing a lot of me! smiley

It is so awesome to see all the new faces! Welcome to our obsession... I mean corner of the web... smiley

I can tell already this is such a great community to be a part of.

I have never found anything that consumes time like this does! The downloading and sorting files out is quite an addictive pastime in itself, before you even begin to do anything with them. It doesn't leave much time for housework. smiley

I agree, very addictive! Lol!!

At least it's a harmless addiction though! smiley