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Donating Assets

I've seen a separate discussion of this where designers were requested but the thread was closed for conversation. I thought this may be another place where it can be discussed. I'd love to donate some assets (embellishments) that I've created and used in the past. However, I know that I won't have enough time nor experience to be one of the full time designers that regularly donates. I'm hoping that there will be a way to help out without being one of the full time people.

Thanks Janet. I closed the thread because people are still welcome to apply, but I've got my initial designers we're going to work with to set things up.

Once we get the system working, we'll be adding more designers, and the regulations won't be so strict (at least for how often you are expected to upload). Initially to get things set up I need people to be working with the system everyday, but once we know it works we'll be able to relax a bit.

Makes complete sense. smiley So glad to hear that you have the designers set to go.

I'd love to see some designs from others too. glad it's going to be in place.

I think it would be great to donate to the "cause". I wouldn't want any kind of payment. It would be a nice way to say thanks!