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iNSD Events and Sales

Okay, I know I have gotten a few notices already so let's post good sales and events here.

Foreverjoy Designs is 40% now as a pre-iNSD sale.

With Love Studio will be 40% off on Saturday and will have a scavenger hunt with top three winners getting great coupons and every participant getting a coupon pack. There will be an additional coupon at Quality Difigital Scrapbooking Freebies.

I (mollyscraps) will be releasing an Indy 500 kit in packs but also a bundle- normally $10.00 but on sale Saturday for only $5.00.

Suzy Q will have a 4-part free kit.

ScrapOrchard has started there insd events with a facebooktrain smiley And there is more to come:

So excited for iNSD! Thanks for the tips!

Thanks for the info! smiley

Deviant Scraps is giving away a big kit for NSD. You have to do a fair bit of work for it - "like" facebook pages, subscribe to blogs - but if photorealistic/fantasy scrapping is your cup of tea, it's worth taking a look:

HI THANK U. smiley

The didiscrap parade has started smiley

Pixel and CO Have a letterhunting train to get a free collab smiley

OMG that digiscrap parade is HUGE! and cute of course smiley

also DST blog train has started -

and the ScrapBookBytes facebook hop - (hhmmm, maybe kinda early for that, not sure SBB has posted yet)

Thank you. This made me so happy. I love your stuff.

Gingerscraps has a facebook train..... (started already)

Sugarhillco will have a blog hop on Saturday

GingerScraps facebook hop info: some cute stuff smiley

and OMG I have not done practically a single bit of work for 3 days now!!!!! smiley so much downloading! hahahaha smiley

MScraps will also have a facebook hop



Scrap Takeout:!

And SBB, SNP & Pickleberry Pop are also having hop/trains (found out about them in newsletters) - I don't have any links yet.

I'm doomed. There will be no work at all this week. smiley

Pixels & Co is now doing a blog hop for journal cards that match the "More or Less" kti:

Digiscrap Addicts is doing a blog train (all blogs, so good news for the facebook-haters out there!): Pretty sure that's going to want you to log in to see it, but there are sites that haven't posted yet, so you can't just hop from one to the next. You can try starting at the first site in the train:

Here's the list for the Scrapbook Bytes train:

The Daily Digi is giving away freebies via email, here's a post explaining how to get hooked up with them: Do that ASAP if you're interested, because you only get stuff during the time period you're signed up, and it started last night.

Just Jaimee is giving away tons of freebies through her newsletter (PU *and* CU). I really like her stuff so I'm particularly excited about this one. You can subscribe on the front page of her site.

The SugarHillCo CU blog train has started:

Katie the Scrapbook Lady is giving away free templates and really nice pack of coordinated basic papers (solids, stripes, chevrons in several colors and a nice subtle kraft texture):

If you're doing the Scrap Orchard Techno Geek facebook hop, Bella Gypsy, Red Ivy Designs, Sugary Fancy, and Suzy Q scraps all have extra parts up on their blogs in addition to the parts they have on facebook.

MScraps hop is here (click on the iNSD: What's the Buzz thread to get to the list, if I give you the actual link it will try to make you log in to the forum)

Scraps n Pieces is doing an all template blog/facebook hop. I can't find a main list for it, but here's one of the contributors to get you started, just click on the arrows in both directions to get them all:

Great info guys... thanks so much!!!

I love you and hate you all. Once I know there's a train, I have to ride it! I will be up all night!!! Does anyone actually scrap on iNSD and isn't it about time we called it international scrapbook week? smiley Have fun everyone. I can hear the sobbing of overfull hard drives.

Here's a starting point for the Scrapable (does anyone else always read that pronounced as "things which are able to be scraped"?) blog hop:

Six lovely journal cards from SplendidFiins in the colors of the upcoming Rain kit for Project Life (which she designed): It will send you to The Lilypad to "purchase" them. While you're there you can also throw into your cart a free sampler of another 6 journal cards. The link is here:
Here are the iNSD cards:

Oooh... thanks, Violet! smiley

And, yeah - I'm one of those - not fond of FB (hater is too strong a word, IMHO - too many people throw that out there these days) or other social networking sites (like twitter, for instance). I hope no one takes offense, but I'd rather not spend my free time on those places - I'd rather be outdoors, reading a book, scrapping, watching a movie or hanging out with family and friends. And I've heard of too many instances of cyber bullying & stalking, not to mention identity theft. It's just something I've chosen not to do. Family & friends have been trying to change my mind for years, but I'm really not up to it. I'd rather talk on the phone, email or hang out in person than post my life on FB or twitter for all the world to see.

@Liz: No offense, I guess. I took a 10-day break of my "main" facebook account - I have a "fake" one for games and scrapbooking, which I use mostly for download the freebies, so I don´t read timeline and so on) - and it was really good for me.

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