How to create a PNG to PSP9 preset shape

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How to create a PNG to PSP9 preset shape

Joyce Finn has asked:

hi i have a crazy question? i hope it is ok to post it here? i need to know if u can take a png file and change it to make a preset shape for psp9 i know it has to be a vector file before change has anyone tried this? smiley

I don't think it's possible. You could trace the image with the pen tool in vector mode to make it. That's the only solution I can think of. What are you trying to turn into a shape?

hi im trying to turn some psp brushes into shapes when i use the brush it is to blured sorry about the spelling i convert the psp brush to png then load in psp and use the brush with a white background to work on it some do fine but some are blured i have never used photoshop ive only used painshop pro 9 and 10 im gonna work on making shapes from dingbats soon i wish there was more hours in a day lol thank u for the idea have a great day.joyce smiley

I've researched this in the past. It's not possible, like Renee said, try outlining the shape with the pen tool in vector mode. Yahoo Voice Create Custom Vector Shapes in PSP 9 or X

I work with vectors shapes in PSP a lot. I have had a lot of luck with the tracing. If you really take your time, you can have great results. I'm still perfecting things but I'll share some of my work with you just so you know it is possible.

Now those are detailed examples of tracing but I have traced even little tag embellishments and things like baby rattles and baby carriages. For a symmetrical look, In PSP x4 there is an option to copy, paste, and transform (flip) nodes and lines. I'm not sure it's available in all versions. I have only worked with 7.04(jasc days) and x4.

hi thank u all for the advice. smiley

oh by the way love ur work. smiley

I've been using PSP for many years and am still learning the program. One of the best things about PSP is the use of scripts. While you can't turn brushes or tubes into shapes unless you are willing to vectorize them (either by using the vector drawing tools in PSP which is tedious or, as I do, use a vector drawing program with a vector trace) you can turn any dingbat font into preset shapes. You can also turn any png or jpeg file into brushes. The quickest way to accomplish these tasks is with scripts. You can find a lot of very good scripts at Suz's Place and they are free. I use and recommend Making Preset Shapes From Dingbat Fonts and Creating PSP Brushes from PNG Images. There is a link in her files to the instructions for her scripts. I just found she has a new script, Making Custom Brushes From Dingbat Fonts which I have downloaded and am going to try.

Did you know that you can use photoshop brushes for PSP? You can to turn then into png files first. There are two free programs that are able to do that: ABRviewer and abrMATE. (For those who don't know, .abr is the filetype for PS brushes.) One you turn the PS brushes into pngs, running Suz's script will resize them to 999px and save them as a brush. My wish is that PSP would increase the size of their brushes to at least 2500 like PS.

Another hint: You can have multiple subfolders in your brushes and preset shapes folders. I have many folders in each as I have hundreds, if not thousands of files of both brushes and shapes. You can also direct where you want a brush or shape to go by selecting the folder in preferences. When running scripts, set the preference before you run the script as the scripts don't allow you to select the folder.

hi thank u all so much. smiley

@Renee these are awesome. I love vectoring but have never done anything quite so detailed.

I have done a lot of research and to convert a png (or jpg) to a vector that can be read by PSP, I found only one program (and it is not free), called Algolab. However, they have a trial period, fully functional, so if you can get all the images you want to convert, together and you can spare some time, you might be able to convert what you need.