National Scrapbooking Day

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National Scrapbooking Day

I was told it was tomorrow. How is it celebrated? smiley

Yesterday was World Tuna Day and I had been hoping for something at icanhascheezburger. smiley

A few of my friends just get together and just sit and work on projects together. I cant do that I have to sit and be by myself when getting creative

I shall celebrate by buying loads of stuff in all the INSD sales!

Just remember that, if you want to share something you´ve found for NSD, do it on this topic:

Don´t forget also Marisa´s Pin to Win event, which is announced on her blog.

Well, I´ll be on a Star Wars Day/Nerd pride day tomorrow, but I plan to hunt for NSD freebies and hang on in some activities.

@Laura @Elizabeth That's awesome! Thanks for sharing. smiley Makes me wish I planned something too.

@Lorien Thanks, sorry I didnt know.
Lol, are you cosplaying? smiley

Not tomorrow, lol, maybe on the 25th, which is towel day, and an alternative date for nerd pride. Why celebrate only once when you can do it twice?


Share the pics will ya! (have you scrapped nerd pride before?) Thanks! We dont have those celebrations here. (philippines) smiley

I don´t remember having an specific nerd pride page done already. I have lots of them for JRR Tolkien fandom events (did I mentioned before that I met my hubby in a Tolkien study group?).

Interesting! Where are they?

re hubby: Waaah! That's so awesome!
My boyfriend is a nerd too, but our interests dont exactly mesh in the same way.

Lorien, I met my husband in a fantasy role playing board game club!! Middle Earth is our second home LOL

@Dawn: that sounds like a lot of fun!

@Dawn so cool! We play "table" RPGs ever since too, and became MMO addicted three years ago.

@A.D: Here in Pixel Scrapper I have this layout about the last tolkien Bithday toast (I attend every January the third, and we usually do it alcohollic-free to be family friendly) and this one from The Hobbit, an unexpected journey pre-rehearsal here in my town.

Then I have this paper layout for last year´s birthday toast:

One here and another here from when the fan club we are in made a hobbit dinner. Those are the ones I remember I have on the internet smiley

And Star Wars day was fantastic yesterday! We had a NerdQuiz with three-member groups and my friend´s group won the first prize because they got a very easy question on the final round about classic fighting video games, but we still got the second prize: A bag full of books smiley

Soooo, ladies, I´m VERY curious: How many pages do you managed to scrap and which of our Pixel Scrapper friends did you find along the way?

I lost the account of how many pages I did, but they were more than 5. for sure... Probably 7 or 8 if you take only saturday and sunday into account, and around ten since May 1st. Ill upload some of them to the gallery soon.

And, from pixel scrapper, I found Janet Hull (Which probably scrapped a waaaay more than me), Katekreations (probably the same) and Heather Neal... Maybe I´m loosing someone...

I scrapped 3 pages, and hung out at Scrap Orchard all day Saturday. They were having "Olympic Events" and chats. The last one was a ton of fun - we played Pictionary in an Adobe chat room. We were laughing and giggling the whole time. I bumped into Shawna @ one of the chats. Didn't recognize her at first because her username was a little different. All in all it was fun, but slightly overwhelming. It was hard to choose where to go.

@Lorien Thanks for sharing! It looked fun! (envy)