ISO: 4x6 Brag Book Templates

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ISO: 4x6 Brag Book Templates

We have a member (Cindy) who is looking for something ladies... Any help you can offer her would be great... Thanks in Advance!!!

Here's her request:

I have been looking for 4" x 6" brag book templates, having a rough time finding them. Not a great fan of these, but I need them for a 50th (50 page) Anniversary book I want to work on. Their anniversary was in 2012 and now my Mom is seriously ill, so I must finish (and start this asap). Anyone know of any, free or reasonable? Thank you!

I lost all of mine and had to start over...well they aren't lost...just stuck on my old computer. I have 8 but they are really plain. You are welcome to use them any way you'd like. You can download them HERE.

Thank you SO much, Tina! I really appreciate this! smiley

Hi Cindy, I don't know if you're still on the lookout, but Scrapping with Liz just offered a 12x12, 4x6 and 5x7 valentine freebie template on her blog. It is not landscape though.

Thanks so much for your help and responses, Melouise and Liz! I just came across these posts by accident, so sorry for the delay in responding! There is another section with this post "somewhere" on this site! smiley

Cindy: I'm pretty sure I closed/locked the thread with your original question when I started this one for you. But if you find the original still active, please let me know and I'll do so because ISO (In Search Of) threads should only go into this forum (unless software specific) and we are trying hard to avoid duplicates through out the site which lead to confusion.
Thanks! smiley

I think it's still active, but can you keep it somehow? I am continuously referring to it. Thank you! Here is the link:

Oh Yea! That's something more detailed and different than this. This is just more where you can find templates... That has tons of other info in it. I wouldn't close that... too much good info there. smiley

I know this is an older thread and Cindy has found some recommendations from the other thread, but I just wanted to post about a site I found that has some really cute brag books. Its called Just So Scrappy. She gives out one quick page a day for a 5x7 brag book page. I think she usually has 10 pages in each series. I checked out her store and she has some really nice cutsey stuff and its pretty reasonably priced too.

Thanks so much, Shawna! smiley

Thanks so much, Cat! Sounds awesome and may be able to help me along! smiley

Thanks for the great link, Liz!

hi thanks yall. smiley

@Meg, Thanks for finding/sharing that set from Traci Reed! That's great.

you're welcome! smiley I think there was a whole set of quick-pages in one of the iNSD hops maybe too... don't remember now which one - I think my brain is fried! smiley

thanks so much for sharing the link to the album templates Meg! what a nice little collection for a mini album. smiley

Hi Meg,

I just happened to be looking in the forum for something else and saw that there was an update in this post! Thank you sooooo much for sharing this with me/us. Great big help, and I really appreciate it! smiley

Tina, I just wanted you to know that I sent in an order to artscow for 168 my problem is going to be cutting them down because I have a few topics left and too many photos! Anyway, I am absolutely thrilled with the quality of the prints for my bragbook! I was preparing myself to be a little disappointed and ended up feeling thrilled with the results! I can't wait to add journaling and some embellishments (which have been sitting here a while just begging to be used)!

Thank you again for all of your help, the coupons, your templates and "quickpage-type" of BB pages! They really look beautiful! I couldn't have done it without you...and the help of other forum members, as well!

Thanks everyone! smiley

smiley I'm glad the photo's came out great! I haven't been dissatisfied with anything I've gotten from there yet....well other than the other family being in my photo book which they did correct.

Another set I saw recently - not free, but still smiley Sounds like you're done with your project, but someone else might still find these useful smiley

Thank you again, Meg! I am finished, just have to (the hardest part, turns out!) "weed" through and decide which to keep and which to discard. 200 bragbook pages...and I have a bit too many LOs completed...and haven't included some of the grandchildren LOs!

I thank everyone here for your awesome help, I truly could never have done this without your help and guidance, esp. during this trying time. It was intimidating and overwhelming, but once I had your help, I was able to move full-speed ahead! Thank you, thank you, thank you to all!

200 pages?! Wow Cindy, you have been busy! Glad our community could be of help to you. If you ever decide to share the end result, please post it here for all of us curious people smiley

I love brag fun to do and to see other peoples!

Tina, THANKS for the freebie...I'm not sure where that sentence went in my post above?! LOL