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Horn Tooting

its been a good week for me in cyber world, and thought i'd start a thread for everyone else to share their achievements!

1.) Kolo Albums saw my website link by looking at my Facebook profile (I liked the company on FB). They wanted to use an image that I posted on my website of my son. I was so excited to find it on the front page of their website this week! It's the first picture in the slideshow here: Kolo Albums
2.) I participate in the scrap challenges at the Lilypad, and Gallery Standouts picked my layout for their fingerpointing on Oct 1st. Never had that happened before, so I was really excited. Gallery Standouts

Share what you've been up to!

That's awesome Jaclyn! I haven't had any achievements yet. We are doing some home renovations so maybe once that is completed, I will have a sense of accomplishment, but not yet lol.

Yeah that's really awesome smiley

Sweet. That's a beautiful picture!

Great photo!! Congrats!

Jaclyn, your layout is beautiful, and that photo of your little guy is just precious! Congratulations!!!

My Oct Blog Train Kit (to be released on the 15th) was featured in the Scrap-N-Pieces newsletter this week! It is the one with the owl, the wagon, and lots of fall items. Then if you scroll down to the Gallery Stand Outs you will find my Family page. (It is the pink one with the blended photo of my whole family taken back in 1951) This isn't the first time I have been featured but I still always get a thrill when my work is chosen.

How exciting! Thanks for sharing Connie!

Thanks everyone!!! (sorry for the delay, I hadn't been able to get on the forums as much as I wanted to this week!)

Tina-- home renovations are a HUGE accomplishment! i'm so jealous, we live in a concrete bunker (ok, ok... it's a concrete home but it's military housing so there's only so much you can do). I see all these beautiful spaces on Pinterest and HGTV and I just ooze with envy! lol! Share some pictures when you're done, I'd love to see!

Connie, that's awesome!! I don't think I subscribe to that newsletter yet, i'll have to check it out!! So cool that you design as well as scrap!

That is an awesome photo!

Congrats to Jaclyn! ... and thanks for this great idea for a "Horn-Tooting-thread". I think it's great to have a place to brag without feeling bad about it. I will be back as soon as I have something great happening (soon, I hope).


Good for you Jaclyn! That's a cute pic of your son. A brag board is a great place to share our accomplishments as well as inspiration. Thanks for making one! smiley

@Connie - How fun! I love Scraps N Pieces Steampunk themed collab/kit, never would've found it without you! Thanks for sharing!

Now I REALLY got a reason to toot every horn I can get hold of! I just made my first ever PS brush!

I have been wanting to do that for a long time, but couldn't find any easy tutorials - Until Marisa came along! 2 minutes with her tutorial and I was making brushes like a mad man. In all my gratitude I promised Marisa to name my "first born" after her, and that is how "Marisa Brushes" came to be. They are up as freebie on my blog, so feel free to grab it. You can find it HERE.

Thank you Marisa!!!!!

(I hope I'm not breaking any rules by linking to my blog?)


Trina, your brushes are great. Thank you so much. I look forward to spending some time checking out all of your goodies!

@ Trine: Congratulation! Have to admit I'm sweating it over making something for the Christmas train here... I've never made anything before, but I am going to try (and hopefully not chicken out!).

Thanks for sharing Trine! I feel so honored!

Trine, I took a look at your blog and it is great! You are very generous!

Yes Trine, you are super generous... and all your goodies look fabulous... I will have to check them all out, but the brushes specifically look great... I can't wait to try them out! I'll let you know if I make anything decent with them so you can see them in use.