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Personal Photo Challenge

I have been kind of slacking on the pictures lately, so as of tomorrow I am going to challenge myself to take at least 5 photos a day so I am feeling like I am not using the same photos over and over again for my books for family members. Anyone else find themselves slacking on taking pictures?

I am horrible. I also have no excuse. The photo challenges always seem to spark my interest but I am the kind of person that needs someone to do them with. Maybe we could start one here as a group? Any ideas?!

I used to take photos constantly but not so much recently. So I bought a tiny compact camera recently which is easier to carry around than my other one. I had just been taking photos on my iphone for ages now and the quality isn't as good.

I just started a blog and I am going to try incorporate them in it from my events from the day if anything is worth putting in it.

I actually take a lot of's transferring them from the SD Card to the computer that I can't seem to find time. Hahaha.. smiley

Haha!! My problem is transferring them to the computer too! Then once ive eventually transferred them I never seem to find the time to organise them! Lol!

I am happy that my facebook is linked to my photo gallery with the new windows program so when I take a picture from my cell and I load it to facebook it its on there already and I dont have to do anything. I am loving how alot of programs link to facebook so you can get your pictures loaded into that program.

I love that idea... I need to do it more often...

I don't take very many photos anymore unless I plan to add them to Instagram. People joke about the people who Instagram their lunches or whatever, but I actually wish I was more like that. Not that anybody else cares what I ate, but it would be nice to have that sort of running commentary on my own life. Not really about food, but you know, here's a picture of what I saw today on the walk I took or here's the funny hat one of the minions was wearing. Just those everyday moments you take for granted until one day you realize you can hardly remember what it was like being you way back in May of 2013.

I just made myself a little sad, lol. Ok, I'm in. Moar pictures!

Ooh! What a good idea! I snagged a small refurbished camera/video cam a while back and it lives in my purse. I just forget to take it out and take pictures. I'm OK about transferring, but so slack when it comes to cropping or fixing my photos. I'm not the best photographer. I need loads of practice.

What a about a photo a day and we make the list.

That sounds like a good idea to do a photo of the day

This is a good idea. I have been WOEFULLY remiss in taking pictures this year. This year I have barely two pictures/month. Shameful. I have nothing to scrap!

Wow Laura, five photos a day! I don't think I could do that...afterall our days are pretty much the same since retirement. But never fear, I have over 30,000 photos to scrap which means that I don't have to use the same photos over and over again.

not much of a picture-taker either, unless im at an unusual event. i would like to take pics of my cats, but we have this superstition that something bad happens to them when we do (it happened often enough) so I dont.

So when can we start this and who going to make the list?

I'm going to close this thread. If you're interested in a daily photo challenge, see here.

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