Share the Results of the Paper a Day Challenge

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Share the Results of the Paper a Day Challenge

Feel free to share the final product of your paper a day challenge. Leave links if downloads are available (for free or otherwise) or share your plans if it's not ready for release yet.

Here's my finished preview. I won't be releasing these for a while, as I'm planning to work on elements in the May Element a Day Challenge (coming soon) and then release them together. The challenge was really fun. It was a great way to make a set of papers without feeling too much stress or getting burnt out in the process. It helped to make just a one a day and focus my efforts.

They look gorgeous all together like that! Can't wait to see what you do with the elements!

Whoops! I already posted the links to my papers on the challenge page.

I've divided my papers by week, so week one is available for download here on Google Drive
You may get a "too big to scan" message but I don't have any virus, so you're safe.

Week two is here

Week three is here

Week four is here.

The solids are filed with the various palates they match, week by week.

Marisa Edit: I've pasted in the info so we can see it here smiley

Thanks, Marisa. I'm a little techno challenged or I would have done it.

I really had a great time with this too. Some of the paper were quite a challenge for me, but I think I learned quite a bit during the process.I am holding off on giving them out just yet, as I am also going to use the May Element A Day challenge as a chance to finish this kit. I am calling it Dads Day, for upcoming Fathers Day:) Marisa, I hope its ok to use your preview template in part to have your logo on here:)Let me know if you'd rather I not use it! Thanks:)

I wasn't sure with going on vacation and trying to get 2 houses ready for sale if I would have time to do anything. The last three days I got a break from everything and thought I would try to create some papers for the first time. I created 23 papers thus far and plan on finishing the rest. I can't wait for the May elements when I have more time to devote to the project. My links are on the challenge page. I believe a good name would be Masculine Steampunk. Hope you enjoy.

Link to paper files:


Hello Ladies, In checking back into imgur I noticed not all of my papers were showing up. I have now fixed this issue. revisit the link for these papers: Damask, Stripes, Start with a photo, Paisley, Flowers, and Painted. Sorry for delay.

This is my finished results. I will be offering it as a freebie on my site now as I work on the element packs

Looking good everyone!

@Sheila: That's what the template is for!

Here is my finished pack. I broke it up into two parts - because of the days where I made more than one style of paper, the total was just too unwieldy for a single preview. I will be offering these on my blog, but probably not until later in May. I have a few permissions things to get for the art I used that didn't have TOU, some PU products to figure out substitutions for, etc.

I said this in the other thread already, but this was an incredibly fun month! I had such a great time challenging myself and the talent represented here is pretty astounding. Great job, everyone!

All the packs look fabulous and I've loved the diversity each designer has brought to the challenge.

These are all so fabulous! You've all done a really amazing job. I wish I'd participated.

These all look fabulous. I did not do much of the challenge and my life has been a bit crazy with study (intensive block courses April and May) plus family stuff thrown in at the same time - some unexpected. I am still hoping to get time to sort out the little bits I had a go at and post them here. I am very much a beginner.


I really enjoyed this month of designing, I learned so many new techniques. I'm looking forward to the may-element-challenge. I will use the same color-scheme as in april but I decided to post the download links for the papers right now. Some papers are missing because of copyright problems with some brushes I used (Painted, scattered, multiple Pattern and grunge). I included the brushes I designed (stars, paisley and spirograph).

So here is a preview and the links for my papers:





You all have so much talent.

Here is my preview:

I've used 4 color pallettes and made 4 different kits.
These are all downloadable at my blog:

Hyacynth Hues

What a treasure trove! Thank you Cynthia, Megan, Anett, Cintia, and Saskia. And I'm looking forward to the ones to come.

Here is my paper pack for April's Challenge:


Just Added 3 more papers to my kit.

All of these are really fabulous! I am impressed with everything you all did. What an accomplishment! You should all feel proud.

beautiful papers everybody!!!!!

Here's my paper a day for April preview. You can find the papers on my Google Drive

Man, Your papers all look great.. I'm kinda disappointed by sharing mine lol. I'll make a preview of them for here later.

Everyone's papers look awesome. I wish I had been able to join.

@Renee FYI - I'm including your papers in my previous post. I love the colors!

@Harriett. I simply could not resist some of your papers! They are so funky and colourful. Thank you so much for sharing!

Wow! Too gorgeous! Amazing work!

I really love the colours in this pack. They just make me happy. Thank you for sharing smiley

@Magdalena - I'm glad you like them! Thanks for the comment - I've been lagging on making the papers available for download but hearing that someone likes the colors makes me more motivated to do so. smiley

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