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Pixel Scrapper December Blog Train

I going to close this thread, to limit confusion.

If you'd like to post your link to the blog train, go here.
If you have a comment or question about the train, go here.


There was some interest in doing a Pixel Scrapper blog train, and I say, "why not?" This is going to be pretty informal blog train. I think the only rules will be that you be a Pixel Scrapper community member and that you make something. It will be fun to go around and see people's blogs from the community.

This is the color palette that I am using to make a kit for December. Anything you make will coordinate along with that, so even if there are a small number of participants, there will still be my full kit, so people should end up with a nice bunch of stuff. I'm not doing much Christmas related with my kit, I'm going more for a winter theme. You can do as you like. You can also download the (EDIT: glitters now uploaded to site) if you'd like to use them.

The blog train will go live on December 1, at which point you will need to have posted your freebie on your blog and posted the link and preview image in a special thread that I will start a few days before. So you don't need to formally sign up to do this, we'll just use the final thread as the list. So there's no pressure, and no commitment. Just follow your heart!

If you want to participate and don't have a blog, you can just post your preview and link in the final thread. You'll have to upload the actual freebie to a file sharing site (dropbox, mediafire, maybe someone can recommend something else) and your preview to an image sharing site (see here).

Feel free to post any comments, questions, etc here in this thread. I'll make new one to be used as the formal list.

Sounds like fun! I have saved the colorpallette and the glitter, I am going to do my best to create something!

I am not sure if I can partcipate, but I would like to try, even if its only with word arts in different languages - as suggested in another topic. as I still can´t really commit with it, however, its great for me to know that it is a less-commitment kind of thing. If i can do it, i go with you. If not, I try another time smiley

Love the palette and will definitely be visiting everyone's blogs to see their fabulous stuff!

wiiie it's gonna be so fun to do this smiley

Thanks Marisa for being so open and supportive to ideas!

This sounds like fun... I've never made anything before (other than taking a complicated pattern & making a paper out of it), but I am SO tempted. I'm not making any promises, but my mind was churning overtime last night of possible ways I could contribute. Christmas time is one of my favorite times of the year & I love Christmas music (and music, in general), so if I am able to contribute to this don't be surprised if music is a part of it in some way, shape or form (be it paper, word art or what not). I'm very excited to try this. Anyone have any template suggestions?

One thing that kept going through my mind last night (please, no one steal my idea!) was to somehow create slightly torn kraft paper w/Christmas sheet music burned into it (so it looks kinda antique/grungy). Not sure if I can figure out how to do this, but I want to try. I thought it might look with the pine greens & reds of Christmas...

Great idea Lizanne, smiley
I had a similar idea a couple of months ago and started searching for suitable sheet music to use. Haven't found what I want yet. smiley

I have an old Reader's Digest christmas music book that I think I'm going to look at (my grandmother had given it to me a long time ago)... Otherwise I might keep it lyric-based. smiley

Love the color scheme. I can't wait to see all the goodies!

@Liz & Lizanne: I buy all kinds of old sheet music for penny's on the dollar at thrift shops... even entire church hymnals for like $1. I use these in making things for my journal pages or hybrid gifts/decorations, but I'm thinking if it's really old (I don't remember how old it has to be exactly, do some research on this) but I'm sure you could scan it for digital products. But you'd have to make sure the public domain had expired. smiley just an idea for you two

I don't make a lot of digital scrapbooking stuff, but I draw so maybe I can make some holiday doodles for people to use

A good place to find out about some of the old books is http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Main_Page The Gutenberg project. They are looking for anything that is no longer copyrighted and can tell you if yours is. They also would appriciate anything that is scanned front cover through to the back cover.

They also offer their ebooks for free.

@Judy - cool link, thanks!

@Judy: WOW... what a GREAT and useful resource!!! Thanks for sharing that one with us. smiley

I always look at Gutenberg for images. They are low resolution, but I still like the look since the grainy feel just makes them more vintage. Good for blending in the background and other less prominent places.

I've alreaddy start working on my part smiley So fun smiley

I´ve no blog to post it, but i will look after your work guys

Lizanne, if you use photoshop or photoshop elements, there are tons of free brushes you can download that make torn paper! it makes the whole process a piece of cake smiley

Marisa, i don't have a blog (which can make a blog train difficult smiley so i was wondering if there would be a way to participate (maybe not in a blog train per se) where we could make freebies. Maybe as add-ons for kits or as add-ons for blog trains?

aaaaarrrgh!! this posted twice due to my gifted-ness and i don't know how to delete it smiley very sorry!

Regarding public domain or vintage items, it should be before 1923 in the United States. But you should still check as there are exceptions (such as Peter Pan with rights going to the Great Ormand Street Hospital) and some estates have maintained rights and death does not necessarily mean that it goes into public domain (such as Dali, the estate still has rights).

If you want to participate and don't have a blog, you can just post your preview and link in the final thread. You'll have to upload the actual freebie to a file sharing site (dropbox, mediafire, maybe someone can recommend something else) and your preview to an image sharing site (see here).

@Elizabeth: No, I don't have Photoshop - I have PSP. I wish I could use brushes & styles & what not... smiley

@Marisa: Thanks... I was wondering how I could do that since I don't have a blog (I'm not a designer). I may have questions about how to create a 'preview' as the time draws closer & I'm able to actually make something.

@Vivie: great information! thanks for sharing the extra details with us. smiley

Thanks for the book link...I will use it for my kindle.

I'm looking forward to participating.......

Ooh, fun fun! I can't wait to see what everyone will come up with. I just wish I had a blog. Either way, I'll try to make something to share. smiley

Marisa is it possible to get a "Pixelscrapper frame" to put over the preview so you clearly see where it belongs smiley

Do you mean the logo? I put a big one up on flickr, click on the image below for more sizes:

You can look at my usual previews on the Kits page. I usually just use a bar in the middle.

Yeah something like that smiley Great smiley

My part is getting big smiley At this point i have 9 papers, 29 elements and 2 alphas smiley Do i have to say that i just love this colors smiley


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