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Tiny pattern files

Sometimes I dl images (patterns in .png format) and they are 100x100 tileable images. How do you "transform" this image to a 3600x3600 background? As a matter of fact, how do you transfer any size tile into a full-size background paper?

Thanks for your help! I've wanted to know this for a long time, and now I finally have a place where I can get help! smiley

Hi Cindy,

You can make a pattern out of the tile (in Photoshop, go to Edit > Define pattern) and then Fill your 3600x3600 background with your new pattern! Go to Edit > Fill and choose Pattern from the dropdown menu next to 'Use'. When you open the little square tile next to 'Custom Pattern' you can scroll down to the last one in the list; that will be the pattern you just defined!

Thanks, Melouise, for your help. Unfortunately, I don't use photoshop. Ugh! I'll try to do a search.

@Cindy: It might help to get a better answer if you edit your original post (and in the future) to add the name of what program you use. There is just no way members over the next several years and as we grow larger and larger that people will remember each others software we use. I know I've already forgotten what most of the moderators here use, unless I'm reading one of their tutorials. smiley

@ Cindy: What software are you using? If you're using Paintshop Pro, I can help...

Thanks everyone, I use PhotoImpact. I did search for tutorials but haven't really found the answer.

so, I did a quick google search and came up with this: http://www.manualslib.com/manual/406792/Ulead-Photoimpact-11.html?page=160#manual. I'm assuming that the tiles you have are seamless tiles. This is the manual for PI, so I'm sure there would be somewhere in there the information on how to create a seamless tile as well. Hope this helps...

Wow, thanks, Cat! I didn't even know this existed! It's 323 pages, so it must include something.

The thing is, there are tuts for creating a seamless tile but nothing that explains how to use the seamless tile to create a 3600x3600 size background. Maybe there will be something in the manual. Thanks again!

I'm sure there is something there otherwise there would be no reason to make a seamless tile. You may want to see if Ulead has a community forum. You're more likely to get a quick answer from someone there if they have a forum.

Great idea, Cat! Thanks! Unfortunately, some great sites have closed because Corel took over and doesn't offer PI anymore, but I did notice on their site that they have a section in their forum for PI users. Will check there! smiley

Cindy there's a free program called Inkscape it's somewhat a model version of Photoshop Illustrator w editing features in their program that replicate it; you can take your 100x100 pattern open it and re-size it, to the largest size which is A4 lettering or letter sized 8x11 with out loosing any pixels; in fact you could take any image including photos jpegs and re-size it to the largest size available w/o loosing any pixels. So, that's jpegs, png, ai, ei, svg and so forth.

The program is limited to what sizes are available which is a down side and would be awesome if they had 12x12, 8x8, 24x12 as choices but they don't at this point.

Hope that helps?

Thanks so much for this info., Fran! I'm going to give this a try. I know I dl'ed Inkscape a long time ago but never had a chance to check it and its capabilities out! Appreciate it! smiley

@Fran. Ny.: You can change the papersize by going to the menu "file-document properties" (Shift+ctrl+D), so 12x12 etc. will be no problem.

When you save this .svg in the program folder for templates (Inkscape/share/templates) you will find it in the list of paperformats you can choose from, when you create a new document.

OMG you are a life saver Anett, you truly are!

There was a tutorial I came across and can no longer find on photos not loosing pixels in inkscape and I wish I could find it, just so I could ask the person who did the tutorial if they were using a standard camera
(not your throw away cameras but 8-10 meg.pxl) or dslr?

...anyways long story short I have come to wonder what would be the use of a dslr if Inkcape can manipulate the pixels (although I have not tried it out which eventually I will as another project of mines) blowing up the photo to 30x40 or 40x40 and printing it out as comparison with standard camera vs dslr in inkscape.

now that I know I can do it I am all happy. TY for that little bit of help smiley

Yes, thank you! Great info. Appreciate it tons! smiley