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ISO Alaska kits

Hello All! I am new at digital scrapbooking. My husband and I went to Alaska for our 25th wedding aniversery and I would like to make a scrapbook of our trip. I haven't been able to find and samples or kits for Alaska trip. Do any of you fellow scrappers have any suggestions or ideas that I could possibly use? Thanks for your help.

Welcome Elizabeth! I changed the subject of your topic in a way it shows that you´re looking for kits. Never seen a kit about Alaska, lets see if someone can help smiley

Thank you for your help. there has to be something similar out there somewhere. smiley

WM Squared Designs made an Alaskan kit - I remember she was giving out a couple freebies early in the year from it... Here's a link: I think she's selling her Alaska kit over @ Scrap Orchard (there was a link on that page).

Thank you so much for your help!

Here are two links to Scraps N Pieces for Alaska kits:

SNP This one is $5.99 I love Alaska and have this one for some of the photos. Have been on MANY cruises to Alaska-can't get enough!

Keystone Scraps This one is $3.99 but she has a whole collection of World Traveler kits....I have all of them, they are beautiful to work with

Hope this helps!

I forgot about those, Janet - Keystone Scraps' kit was nice, too.

Looks like you have a few to choose from now, Elizabeth. smiley

I created a free Alaska kit to scrap my cruise to Alaska last year. You can download it at

I also like the WM Squared one.

WOW Thanks Rachel for sharing that with us! smiley

Wow!!! This is awesome! I knew there had to be some kits out there but I just didn't know where to look. Thank you again for your help. Now my next question is, are there any sample pages out there to help me with the design. I'm not that creative and I would love to see some experienced scrappers work. Again, thank you for your time in helping me with this smiley

I just typed in "travel" to our search here, lots of good inspiration!

I just saw this one at With Love Studios the other day!

Rechel, that kit is amazing!!! Thank you so much!