Need a little help with sizes, please

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Need a little help with sizes, please

Hello, Everyone smiley

I read a list somewhere about the correct sizes to use for certain types of elements. Unfortunately, I did not bookmark the page and now I'm so sorry I didn't. My two questions right now relate to borders and corners.

Is there a typical size for corners? My initial thoughts would be to start with a canvas the size of maybe a 6 x 4 photo and make them to fit that size or smaller for a smaller size photo.

And as far as borders, are they the size of the paper, meaning 12 inches either vertical or horizontal?

I am trying to learn the correct way of putting together a full size kit.

Any help would be appreciated. smiley


For elements, I always make things a little bigger. So, for your example of photo corners, I would take a 4x6 blank on a 12x12 background and then make the photo corners about 1.5 times bigger than what they would be in real life. I think of it this way - its easier to make it smaller than it is to make it bigger. As for things that are going to go across the entire width/length of a page, I make them the 12" most of the time. Once in a while I'll make a ribbon a little wider/longer than page width, but not very often.

yes, borders are 12 inches either in width, or in height. for the corners, it depends on how will you make them. I prefer when corners come separated (like this) than when they come together (e.g, this) because a) I am so lazy to separate them and b)I don´t know if everybody knows how to separate - I learned 1 or 2 months ago, have been digiscrapping for two years. Making them sepparated, you can have them measuring between 0,7 - 1,5 inches - I´d start with a 1x1 in square, or 2x2 if I feared jaggies a lot.

Is this the list you know, or there is another one?

It´s good to know that you´re interested in put up full sized kits smiley Tagger ones are so restrictive....

Great link Lorien!!! You are so smart with all that info stored in your head! smiley

Is this the list you know, or there is another one?

Thank you, Ladies!
Lorien, that definitely looks like a list I saw, but I know I didn't see it on that site. I would have remembered all the bright colors. I bookmarked the page now. Thank you very much. smiley

Nah, no credits for me. Who pointed this out was Karen Diamond on a class I´m taking, and I just copied and paste the url on my files for the class smiley

Thank you very much for the list. I have just been kinda going by the sizes from a few of my favorite designers.

Now having the list I won't have to keep looking through kits to try to remember who had what element in what kits. smiley

Very fun- I just eyeball it, but that's a good link to have!

Thanks for the tip. I have always struggled with the sizes