Paint Shop Pro - Text to templates?

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Paint Shop Pro - Text to templates?

What is the 'right way' to add text (replace text) in/to a template, using paint shop pro?
I am newer to digital scrapbooking and I am making it work, but it takes me a long time... looking for tips on how to do it more efficiently smiley
Thank you!

Typically, you just remove that layer and add your own text. Consider it as a placeholder but usually, even if you could use the vector editable version of that layer, you might want to choose your own font, have a title that is longer or shorter, etc.

For journaling, it is the same thing. If you have a version X8 or more recent, you can also take advantage of the text wrapping with a selection for the area where you want your text to stay and just type in. Adjust the size as needed.

If you have more questions about using PSP, come and visit my Campus site; it is all about PSP and scrapbooking.