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@Dawn: The embossed paper is such a great idea for this fossil theme. Your kit looks great. Thanks for the great swatch, too.
@Brenda: I love your kit, and your bone ellies look fab!
@Sunny: smiley Sounds familiar, not the drawing part, but the notion to not be able to start without the core dino. I couldn't say 'yes to the dino' that I kept seeing for a while and just went ahead, then when I saw the right dino it tied it all together for me. Drawing, painting is the best, isn't it? I have recently taken out my old watercolor kits and keep having loads of fun with them. smiley

It doesn't sound silly at all, Sunny!! Never think you are silly when you experience childish enthusiasm. We could all do with a dose of it more often smiley

My take on this theme is way off from everyone else. I was thinking backhoe digging in the dirt. Anyway hope this finds a use somewhere. I think these cute stitched pieces are so cute.

LOVE your take on the theme, Robin!. love the appliqué look of your elements, and the backhoe is so cool!

I REALLY enjoyed making the dinosaurs......I used the warp tool most often, with either the circle or oblong shapes to make them in Photoshop. And the brontosaurus has lace on his back in place of spikes, in my attempt to make the animals have a bit of whimsy. I thought that the Petroglyphs went well with dinosaurs, even though they are in different historical timelines.

So cute, Sunny! I'm glad you enjoyed getting out of your comfort zone while still totally producing a lovely set! That's not always easy to do smiley

So sweet, love how you made them look scared smiley)

OH MY, SUNNY, those dinos are absolutely adorable!!

These are the add-on kits to go with my mini-kit

Dawn, what cute sayings!

Dinosaurs it is for October. Actually the colors worked well with the theme. Here's what I have done for this theme. Looking over what others have done, I really like the baby dinosaurs--really cute! Some very creative ladies working here.

Oops, now I cannot figure out how to delete this.

@Donna, your papers are gorgeous, and your elements are so cute, I really like the flairs and the trees!

@Elizabeth, I'm so excited that some are interpreting the theme as construction, your dump truck and tractor are too coo and your paper patterns are fantastic!!

@Dawn, wow thank you so much!!

Brenda, Dawn and Sunny -- Oh, those dinosaurs are marvelous!

Digging in October for me is digging up bulbs that are too whimpy to survive a Wisconsin winter.


@Di...love the grungieness (is that a word?) of your papers!! the flowers and leaves are fantastic!

@Tammy...love your dinos, and the vines will come in so handy with lots of other kits/themes!!

Thank you Dawn.
@ Sunny, you did a fantastic job drawing. I want to get a pen, so I can learn to draw.. one of those digital pen and pad thingys. LOL

Oh my this is such a nice train already! You all have done a marvelous job putting these together!

@Brenda - What a cute kit! The word art is great!
@Robin - Love the felt take you did on the elements! Nice!
@Sunny - Wow I love what you came up with for the dinos! I'm so glad you decided to give it a try!My favorite is the one holding the dino-mite sign.
@Dawn - Those journal cards are so cute!
@Donna - Very nice kit!
@Elizabeth - Love those plaids!
@Diane - So very elegant! Love it!
@Tammy - Love how you included the archaeology word art!

Loving all the paleontology and archaeology this train has!

I am SO excited for this train to come out!! Between my dinosaur-obsessed preschooler and my toddler gravitating towards trucks, you all are making my boy mom heart extremely happy. smiley

Everything looks fantastic! I only know how to make the Dinos out of felt so far - it hides my mistakes nicely! Here's what I've got:

Oh my! These all are so amazingly cute! I can just see a hybrid (junk journal) made from all of these. You all are so talented and amazing. smiley hearts to you all!

Wow, I haven't been around here for a while and *kablam!* so many amazing kits have popped up !

This month's train is turning out to be way too much fun...


I just had to do Silly Willy the Earth Worm with his lucky scarf. I just smile when I see Silly Willy. I love bugs, and worms. lol! But earth worms dig and make holes. As a child I would go earth worm hunting with my dad so we could go fishing. So this mini kit is part of a larger kit of diggin' and fishing for treasures.

Hello! My contribution here:

Gorgeous kits, I went with Halloween theme


Nice kits you have here.


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