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Will you add me to the board? I'm reerickson

@Marina: A pond is a small body of water. So things like frogs, duck, turtles, lily pads, etc. You'll get some good ideas on the Pinterest board: http://pinterest.com/marisalerin/pixel-scrapper-blog-train-inspiration/

@Rachel: I added you.

Some ideas I've had rolling around in my head are from memories of our childhood day's at our grandmother's house. She had a large pond in her backyard and there were weeping willow trees that hung over the sides and you could see the shadows from the trees on the water. We also used to fish in that pond. I don't think we ever caught a fish or anything but as kids it was just something fun to do.
So I have added fishing gear to my list of ideas and also camping...we did a lot of camping when we were kids.

Ooh! Count me in! My pinteret id is igelsp.

Think back yard, pond, lake, beach, countryside, mountains, picnics, camp or camping... Honestly this color scheme has so many possibilities! I thought of joining this one, but I don't feel my skills are up to par yet...

Please add me to the pinterest as well: DBSdesigns

Added you Sheila!

How's your designing going? Anyone make anything cool?

I've finished mine.
Can't wait to see what you all come up with.

I found a brush to use yesterday... and that´s all lol.

But now I´m faster at designing so I am - still - not worried...

Post your preview Saskia - I know it´s not the official topic, but last time the previews of people that had done inspired lots of other people that were behind!

PS: Marisa, it would maybe be nice to have this topic sticked for a while...

Hi! I'll love to participate! Can anyone explain me what I need to do? It's a whole kit?

Whatever you want Leticia. A full, a mini, an alpha, journal cards, an element/paper pack and so on.

Do we need to join pin interest for this train? . I have done a few papers so far, a frog and a duck brad. I wish there was a brighter colour there for flowers. Is it allowed to deviate slightly with the colours?

No Pinterest, or any other site is required - you just need to have a way to host your part - a dropbox or google drive, for example.

About the colors, I don´t know...

Yikes, the month is getting away from me! I'd better get started soon. smiley

I'm having no luck. I'm not sure if I'm going to get anything done for this one or not. I'm just not feeling the palette/theme. smiley I will try though. Hmm... what to do, what to do...

You probably don't want to deviate too much from the colors, since we want things to coordinate.

Although, honestly the stuff I was working on was pink, so I guess who am I to be talking...

@Brandi - I was feeling exactly like it till I find a brush set with some flowers that will go with the theme. IDK if I´ll do more than a paper pack with those brushes, but I guess that when I really start the mojo will flow a bit better. Why don´t you do a solid paper pack, or something like that? Sometimes I thought solids were boring, but with experience I learned that people just LOVE solids, and I became a solid lover too... Never skip downloading them anymore, because they make the process of doing a LO quicker, and the LO prettier...

I'm having a really hard time with this one too....I wanted to make paper water lilies, but just can't seem to get to it. My daughter drew me the cutest water lily and lily pads in inkscape, but I'm not sure what to do with them yet...or weather I want to do a vintage type pond theme, or cutesy one. I'll have to think about this one. Is anyone doing a fishing theme? Would that be deviating too far from what others are doing?

I guess fishing theme is OK Sheilla smiley My papers have lillies, but arent neither vintage, nor cutesy, but grungy.

Here's a little sneak peak of my finished part:

love it Marisa! smiley

Me too! It´s a very intriguing preview... I like the way you put it together smiley

My sneak peak... I'm going on 20 elements (oops, got a little carried away there) and starting on a few papers this week. Having way too much fun again (this blogtrain-thing is killing my social life smiley)

LOL Melo, I know how you feel smiley

I like the wave smiley

Just finished my part. Yay! Now I can focus on my husbands birthday coming up next week. Somehow I doubt he wants digital felt pond creatures for a birthday present...

@Melo: You never know...

Oh I love the colours and the previews...but I seriously have problems to come up with something. Let's see...still some days left smiley

Oh, this is so fun! They all look gorgeous! Here is a sneak peak of my part. smiley

Saw this in the newsletter. LOVE these colors, I will have NO IDEA HOW to participate this month! (Sorry Tricia Ptkj.....totally robbed most of your words) Anyone want to give me any pointers? I have never done a blog train myself and I'm only getting started even "thinking" about designing. PLEASE HELP???


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