Was my donation received?

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Was my donation received?

I made a donation to support the site on the 25th, and I still haven't gotten any download credits and I am not listed as a supporter in my profile. I have the Paypal receipt. Did you guys receive it?

Sorry Heather that we haven't gotten back to you sooner! We have both your email and your donation. Jordan's still recovering from the flu and we're behind on stuff, but I'll make sure he gets on that today!

Ok, no hurry, I was just worried Paypal had eaten my money. smiley

Hi Heather, sorry that your donation was not processed automatically as it should have been. Something must have gone wrong, but we did get your donation (and very much appreciate it!).

I've manually given you your download credits, plus some extra credits to make up for the delay.

Awww, thanks. You didn't need to give extra!

Hi! I just donated $10 half an hour ago. Im not sure how long i should wait to get the credits. smiley


@Pristine: I've sent you an email.

To anyone who donated in the last couple of days, please see this announcement.

just a note Jordan, but Heather isn't sporting a supporter badge on my screen... I know you gave her the DC's but she din't get her pretty little pink badge. smiley

@Shawna: that's because of the donation amount. As stated on the donation page, the supporter badge is for donating $10 or more.