Does anyone look at your layouts?

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Does anyone look at your layouts?

I'm just curious, does anyone in your family or circle of friends outside the online world look at your layouts? Do you get them printed, or make books, and then let people see them? Or do they hide out on your computer?

My kids love looking at the albums I've printed out. My husband will usually look through them once and say "That's cool" then move on and forget they exist, lol! I made a book for my mom and my MIL one year and I have no idea what they did with them.

I post mine on my personal Facebook for now. Once I'm back home and settled in NH I'll start getting them printed. But my family and friends seem to love every time I post a new one. They're kind of in awe of it all I think lol.

I've only just started making layouts, so only have a few. But the ones I did make are all hanging up on a "family wall". Anytime one of the kids or somebody drops by, they always stop to look. We frequent garage sales looking for frames and have been able to pick up quite a few. So, I'm set for a while.

Before I had a blog here, I would post slideshows of my finished books for family and friends to see:

I sometimes send a layout to my mom via email, but most of the exposure my LOs get are in the final printed products. I try to leave several most recent scrapbooks on the coffee table for people to pick up & leaf through when visiting. smiley

I post many of mine on my facebook, which I do have some people on there that are more acquaintances, but it mostly friends and family. We don't have much family in our area, so I have to rely on the internet to share.

I sometimes send some of my family examples of the finished layouts via email. My "perfect plan" is to mainly create my photobooks on DVD to give as Christmas gifts each year. Then I will pick some LOs of our family get togethers during the year to make an annual family photobook. I have only been doing digi scrapbooking for about a year and have learned so much from the several classes I have taken. I am just finishing up on a Design Mentoring class which will really enhance my LO capability as when I make a photobook I can add family specific elements to enhance any kit I use. I am looking forward to start really making some special things. At one site in April I decided that for all the challenges I would utilize our Easter celebration and used one kit. I actually haven't looked at them altogether but I already know they are shaping up to be a wonderful and memorable set of LOs. My niece is having another baby at the end of this month and now my goal is to have it done by the time we go to visit in early June so I can share it....I think they will just love it!

I shared some of the layouts via email, but eventually ended up sharing my Photobucket account with them so their email wouldn't take forever to download. Figured if they wanted a copy to use on their desktop or to print out, they could download it from there. smiley

When my mother was alive she used to show them off. Now I post to Facebook what I want to share. I do have my own web site that I post family pics to that I get positive feedback on. For my mother-in-law, I print for her and or give her digital copies. Those are usually of my husband's side and she has displayed some and asked me to create some for her or create something special.

I have noticed that guys do thend to be brief, but there are times when they do like to go back to the pictures when they think you are not around. I caught my husband a few times. So you never know when someone is really viewing your pictures or layouts.

yes, I print them out and put them into yearly books. My kids love them, and hubs does the same yours does, but I think they'll mean more in the future.

I often make desktop backgrounds for people, which they always really enjoy.

I send them to my mom and sister

I print some of mine out to put into our annual scrapbook along with the pages that scrap the "traditional" way. I hope that my kids will love the scrapbooks when they are older. For now I simply enjoy the creative process and consider it my therapy!

I make some pages and put them into a folder on my computer for safe keeping. I don't know if they will ever get printed. Usually I have pulled random photos for those pages and they aren't going into my annual scrapbook. Maybe I will put them into a photobook someday, if I get a really good deal on printing.

I show my mom (who I am lucky enough to see every week) the 'latest' on my computer and made her (and grandpa) a bragbook to take to his family abroad, so they could show off their grandkids - I know they still take it everywhere smiley. And my MIL and SIL have the link to my Pixelscrapper gallery, although I am not sure how often they check it. I am still working on my first 'real' photobook (I have only started scrapbooking a year ago), but my little girl loves to flip through our 'normal' photobooks, so I'm sure she will love the scrapbook too - if it ever comes smiley

When I made the baby book for my daughter, I printed a large one for us with a nice fabric cover, and then did small, soft-cover ones that were purse-carrying-size for my mom, my MIL and myself. When hubby saw them, he said, "why didn't you get one for me?!" Of course I had to get him one, and also of course, it sits in his dresser drawer smiley My daughter loves to look through her baby book & often asks for more books from when she was older smiley

We have a local scrapbooking club (organized by a stationery company). After the workshop the staff chooses a winner and it gets put on their site. Some of their store branches put a pic of the winner for the month next to their scrapbook supplies shelves.

@Mel: I'm lucky if I get to see my momma a couple times a year. We live about a 17 hour drive away from one another. smiley but we talk often each week as much as 6-8 hours smiley

I show my mom (who I am lucky enough to see every week)

I've given two scrapbooks to members of my family, one was paper, the other digital, and now I'm giving a 200 BB page wedding anniversary album to my parents. I know they're going to love it. I hope to get my photos (and cameras) back from my brother's (they've been in storage there for quite a while), and when I do, I hope to do 2 things, one project life book and begin redoing all of my albums I've accumulated throughout the years...making sure they are safely in acid-free albums, using acid-free supplies, of course...that's the point of re-doing them! smiley

I really like the results I got from, recommended by Tina. And I loved her idea of creating a hybrid-type of book. Using templates and premade pages for my wedding anniversary album (for my parents) really helped sooo much...and now I can't wait to add add'l. journaling and tangible embellishments, though I would be satisfied with or without them, having seen how nice them came out.

Right now - I don't do anything with mine. I am always hoping to print them into yearly books.

I share via email with family. I put some with photos as a screen saver on our desktop when we had my daughter Homeschool Graduation party, since she didn't want anything formal, we just did an open house for her.

I also made a 5x7 layout/invitation for my parents 50th anniversary. Every buddy loved it. I didn't have time to do an album for them but my brother and I collected photos and we did a photo sign with them forming them into a huge 50. I also found a simple album for them to slip them and some of the "shared memories" card that folks at the party wrote out.

I mostly share electronically. Create for myself and husband and show when family visits.

I print ours and have books made. I leave them on our end table next to the couch in our family room. Just about EVERY week one of my kids gets out one of the books to look through. When family members come over they flip through them as well, usually on bdays and holidays we celebrate at our house. Our neighbor came over to chat one night and noticed the books and asked if she could look through one. As I continued chatting with her she "shushed" me saying, "I'm reading." I'm a HUGE journaler and it made me laugh that she was taking the time to actually read our family stories. smiley

That's sweet, Jessica!

I plan on using Snapfish to make a book of the pages I did every year. I save them as PSD and Jpeg, so I can make adjustments if need be. I also post them to Facebook the day I make them. My friends and family seem to enjoy them. husband is my biggest fan..only because our daughter is grown and out of the house (30 yrs old) she went to school with the same group of kids her whole growing up though and when we lived in Washington State and she would come home with friends to visit it always amazed me how quickly they (all the kids our daughter and her friends both) would move towards the scrapbooks and laugh about the things they did.

My husband and I dive (our daughter used to) and whenever I had an album done he'd take it into work and there it would stay for a few months till he'd bored everyone to tears I'm sure. LOL....

Right now, I only share my layouts with a few friends. I took a break from scrapbooking for a couple of years and am just now getting back into it. And I have tons of photos from vacations, every day and events to put into layouts, then into books. I'm also switching from paper scrapping to digi scrapping.

I can't wait to get more layouts finished. Maybe then I'll share a few on here!

@Theresa, You are lucky to have a husband that loves what you do. Mine is mostly 'not bothered'. Only a handful layouts actually created a little spark of enthusiasm smiley Thankfully, my mom is my biggest fan. And my kids like to look at my scraps too!

My husband is my biggest fan, but he's very artistic himself... painting, drawing, polymer clay, etc... So he actually has more natural born talent than I do. My momma is my other biggest fan along with my sisters. My mom's always impressed, mainly just because of the technology aspect. It always blows her mind. LoL My sisters just like the fact that it's cool I'm saving memories, especially the older they get, the more they "appreciate" what I do. smiley

I print vacation books and a yearly album for my family. I keep them out on our end table in our family room and family members look at them all the time when they come to visit. It's quite easier to have nice, sleek, compact digital books out rather than my bulky traditional albums. All that work and because they are so heavy, they sit on the bookcase shelves in our basement family room. Pretty much only my kids look at those. I post about 1 out of 10 pages to FB so extended family members and friends can see. I try not to inundate FB with too many pages.

I post most of mine on FB for friends and family.