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@Shawna - I hadn't even thought of that. I might be able to. Stay tuned...

@Jill: Thanks for sharing!
@Brooke: with bated breath I will wait... hee, hee smiley thanks!

Here you go Shawna smiley ... and everyone else too! smiley

OK - This is what I designed.
If the first one downloads well, I'll make more for the other card style templates I uploaded.

I didn't put the fake plastic look over the pockets because I don't like how it makes all the colors fade, etc. However I still feel like it gives the look of pockets - it is just that they are nice and clear smiley

Brooke, I think it looks great! And I agree, the plastic-look, if not done right, does fade things and it's just not pretty. Thanks for sharing this one. smiley

Go Shawna! Great way to inspire Brooke. And Brooke, great execution! smiley

Thanks Brooke!!!! I'll have to wait until I have some more DC's tomorrow to download it. smiley

Ooooh, pockets! What to put in them???

Shawna! I found them last night! Remember me telling you of a fabulous pocket page template that was for free over @ Sweet Shoppe, but it wasn't there anymore? Well, I couldn't remember who did it but I came across it last night & the designer has it on her "free" page on her blog... Go here to d/l it:

Thanks Lizanne!!! I found some too, I was going to share and I even downloaded, closed the page thinking I remember the designer blog & name and forgot it by the time I came back here to share. It started with an A, so I'm going through my designer folders tomorrow and see if I can find her. smiley

Angie Kovaks has a bunch. I like hers, although I've found that I like Brooke's templates without plastic better. Mostly because I keep hiding the plastic layer smiley I printed one with the plastic layer, and I don't like how muted the colors feel once I put it in a page protector as well. Although, I'll admit, it really looks like the page is inside a divided protector.

@Shawna - thanks that was a great link!

@Michelle: Sorry it took me so long... smiley I was working on it, promise. I told ya'all I thought her name started with an "A". Well.... it DID but... I had to go through all the way to "S" to find it smiley Her actually website is ScrapAgnes... LoL and that's how I save my folders is the designer name of they go by. smiley

Any... how... Here's the link to her webpage. And right now she still has all the links left active for the first 24 PL365 templates she's giving away for FREE...

Thanks Shawna! I love the different options! Especially the ones that are different from PL regular.

My hard drive says no thanks though.

I love using pockets! But i agree...keep them on the bottom layer to keep the colors from being muted!

Digital Design Essentials has a new free pocket page. It's the regular PL layout, but with a different looking plastic overlay than I've seen before. Personally not my cup of tea, but I figured I'd add it to this thread.

Thanks Violet for the heads up! smiley

Hi Shawna,

Just came across a good looking pocket page freebie on DDE's blog:

@Melo: Thanks! Violet was kind enough to share about it 5 or 6 days ago... smiley

Oh, haha, nice going Melo smiley

smiley hee, hee... hey I feel special! At least you were thinking about me. smiley

hi thanks. smiley

hi thanks ladies. smiley

hey - just got a notification on Facebook taht Just Jaimee has free pocket templates:

they probably won't be free forever! smiley

Thanks so much Meg!!! You're awesome!

These are cute! TFS!

I just want to revive this thread smiley . I am getting hooked on pocket scrapbooking lately and I am enjoying making my own templates. I wanted to learn how to make plastic pockets . Is there a tutorial for that here? I see a post but there is no link for the tutorial anymore . Thanks a lot too for the freebies . I am glad they are still available. smiley

@Edna: The main trick for making plastic pockets is to make the pocket shape in gray, then add a small bevel and turn the opacity of the layer down.

Thank you ladies.

Thanks a lot Marisa. I will take note of that. I never thought it was that super simple. lol