PS July 2013 Collab - Planning Thread

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PS July 2013 Collab - Planning Thread

Theme: Sweet things
Color Palette:

Note: Although I checked the palette for gamut, be careful with the final products, because two colors are almost close to be out of gamut.


As a colab, different from a blog train, is made thinking on being one single kit made by lots of designers, we need to have more rules to make the kit consistent. Please, don´t be scared of these guidelines, and, if you have any doubt, ask in the topic. First time desingers are as much welcome as the experienced ones, as one of great things on Pixel Scrapper is knowledge sharing and making friends;



1. Anyone registered on Pixel Scrapper forum can sign up if He/she can really commit to deliver his/her part of choice on time

2. On the second post of this topic you will find all the assignments for the colab, and, in case they´re taken, the designer name, and the status of the portion (on quality check, finished, etc)

3. To sign up, post on this topic telling which assignment you´d like to make, if you are going to host your part on your blog or Iif you want someone else to host for you. Please also tell us in that post if you would like to help quality checking the other designer´s portions.

4. You all need to have your own terms of use, but, as it would be weird to have a single kit where you can use some things for S4H/S4O and others you cant, I strongly recomend all parts being good for this kind of use. You can allow Comercial Use IF you want, but it´s not required, and, IF you really want to your part being only strict personal use, please let us know before signing up.

5. You need to save your stuff with a name that follows that pattern: DesignerInitials_ST_NameOfTheItem. So, one of my papers can be, for example LW_ST_paper01 .
ST is the abreviation for the name of the kit : “Sweet things”. Your terms of use and preview also need to be named on this format (for example, LW_ST_Preview)

6. You can do the preview of your part in the way you like the most, but It must contain license information (I.e, IF it´s CU, S4H/S4O, etc.). If you made more than one part (see below) you can put all your parts on the same preview.

7. You need to put all your assets, Terms of Use and your individual preview inside a folder called SweetThings_DesignerName, and zip this folder using the same name. (My folder and zip Will be caled SweetThings_Loriensworkshop). Zip format is the most appreciated for the costumers.

8. You have until June 19, 2013 to submit your portion to quality check. Quality Check Standards will be posted on the third post of this topic, so we all follow the same guides. You can submit earlier IF you want.

9. If you finish early and all your portion pass quality check, you can choose another assignment, if there´s another one available.

10. You can request someone else´s portion which is already quality checked to do your portion (for example, requesting solid papers to do na alpha of journal cards), but it´s up to that person if she will allow or not. In case this person allows, you must ask her what terms of use you can use on your portion.

11. All the portions should be on their blog hosts at June 1st morning, and the links must be active at least for a month. People hosting more than one portion should do it in the same blog post, but need to offer them in indivudual .zip files and show both previews on the post. If yourself do more than one assignment it´s up to you to offer them separately or in the same .zip

To check our quality Standards, and any other important information we need to make sure all designers checked that appears along the way, see the third post on this thread.


Our first colab is about to launch. Here is the official colab list thread:
I need all the designers to check if I made any mustake on the list, and I ask you please, to always refer to this url when posting the colab list, because, in case it needs to be moved to other forum, I can update the url.

Assignments for this colab
(repeated assignments can be taken for more than one person, and we can add more assignments later if we feel they will be needed)

-One solid paper for each color, using the same texture(s) on all of them;-Lorien -Done:

-One solid paper for each color, using the same texture(s) on all of them; Dawn DONE

-One tone-over-tone paper for each color -Michelle - DONE

-One tone-over-tone paper for each color; Dawn West - DONE (see below)

-One tone-over-tone paper for each color; Dawn West - DONE (see below)

-glitters - Marisa - done

-5 patterned papers - Tina Campanale - Done

-5 patterned papers - Saskia - DONE

-5 patterned papers - Anett - Done

-5 patterned papers - Linda Nelson Done

-5 patterned papers - Holly Wood done

-5 patterned papers - Janet Hull Done

-5 patterned papers - Jody Mason Done

-5 patterned papers - April Williams - Done

- 3 patterned papers, and 3 elements - Cintia Dhariana - DONE:

- 3 patterned papers, and 3 elements - Sheila Reid - DONE

-- 3 patterned papers, and 3 elements - Sunny - - DONE

-A mix of papers and flowers: Jessica Fors - DONE

-A flower Pack with 7 different flowers - Janet Scott

-A flower Pack with 7 different flowers - Janet Hull Done

-A Button Pack with a Button for each color (at least 4 diferent Button templates) - Sugarbutt

-Two unique ribbons and three unique tags - Sunny - done

-4 tematic elements (candies, cupcakes, lollipops, ice-creams, deserts, etc) - Dawn West - DONE

-4 tematic elements (candies, cupcakes, lollipops, ice-creams, deserts, etc) - Heather Neal - Done

-4 tematic elements (candies, cupcakes, lollipops, ice-creams, deserts, etc) - Jody Mason done

-4 tematic elements (candies, cupcakes, lollipops, ice-creams, deserts, etc) - Sunny - DONE

-A Pack containing 10 elements assorted between brads, staples and eyelets (staples and eyelets can be the same with different colors); - Marisa - done

-8 Journal Cards - Molly

-8 WordArts - Tina Mansfield Done

-8 WordArts - April Williams - DONE

-1 Alpha - Meg - DONE

-1 Alpha: Fran - DONE

-2 uppercase alpha: Jessica Fors

-Solids and flowers by Rachelle:

-QC Team:
-Marisa (If she´s not travelling or super busy
-Jody Mason


Those of you who are done, please send your finished products to Meg (or a selection of them that you would like to be in the preview of the collab!) either by sending a link in email, or attaching a zip to an email (but it would have to be small). She will create the full collab preview:) Her e-mail is megbertapelle {at}

Quality Check Standards

The quality check won´t take in account the personal oppinions or tastes of the quality checkers, but take into consideration the market standard. Everything needs to be made in 300 DPI, papers must have 12x12 in and elements need to be in proportional size of their uses (i.e, a bow can´t have 10x10 inches, for example, nor a frame have 0,2 x 0,2 in)

To know more about quality check standards, the Best source I know is this manual, please refer to it, and I´ll post here other links about the subject I remember, or other people point to. Peolple often use actions to help quality check. There is a free one by Sugarbutt Designs , but there are also some paid ones that have more options. If you wanto to know them, or are unsure if you are quality checking it right, please let us know and someone can for sure help with it.

Karen Diamond Designs also has tutorials on quality control. You can see them here.

To learn how to erase jagged edges (this is hard, but very important), Cinthia Dhariana has a tutorial on the second post of her freebies topic!

Well, for now, this is what I have to share. If you have coments, ideas, or find some mistake I´ve made, please, don´t be ashamed to tell so. It´s my first time doing it smiley

Lorien, I think you're doing a great job organizing this. It's going to be great.

I'm so excited! I'd like to try making stickers this time, so I guess Thematic Elements is the best category for me.

This is such a great idea! I'd love to do an alpha! smiley

I'd like to do 5 patterned papers and possibly something else. I'll wait to see what is left after everyone has had a chance to join.

yay, this already make a tiny-tiny colab, as we have papers, ellies and alpha, lol.

@Tina: I´m also waiting for others to choose as the only one I can´t take is glitters - mines look awful. But we have some pretty good glitter makers at the community, like Janet Hull and Heather neal (as says Shawna, {hint, hint})

Can I make 3 patterned papers and 3 elements?

Of course you can smiley

Updating second post...

I will do 3 patterened papers and three elements

This sounds awesome!
Please count me in for 5 patterned papers

Wow, it´s growing really big! I can´t wait to see what will you come up with smiley

I'll make 3 patterned papers and 3 elements:)

I would like to do an alpha!

Can someone explain the different types of licenses to me as simply as possible? I Googled S4O/S4H and I know what PU and CU mean but I'm confused as to what S4O/S4H pertain and how they work and whatnot. I'm completely unsure as to what I should label my things as and how I should type of a TOU. I'm such a newbie haha smiley

I'm sure there is a thread I can be directed to but I haven't seen anything helpful.

three patterned papers and three elements, if not already taken. And I can take anything you would like to assign, if not designated by the end of the selections.....

Hmmm, I'm torn between doing glitter and 4 thematic elements.

Why don't you sign me up for the elements, and if no one wants to do glitter, let me know.

I was just thinking it might be nice to make the glitter now, so people working on parts could have it early to use. I'd be happy to make it and I can email it to people signed up. Let me know what you think.

oooooh....this looks fun. Is there a general theme or inspiration?

Marisa, I´d LOVE you making glitter in advance, because it makes really easier for people to do the rest. If you can do it, please, do it smiley

Jill, the general theme is Candies, cupcakes, popsickes and other sweet things

All assignments updated, but Marisa´s one. I also realised that I forgot to paste the part about QC team that was on my draft... who will help me to QC? I´m not an expert on it. o.O


S4H allows the person to do works for individual clients, either sent to the client printed (in a photobook, for example) or in a flatterned .jpg Also allows the scrapper to give these photobooks/pages in .jpg as gifts to friends or family;

S4O allows the person to sell in a small home-based business, for multiple clients. So, with a S4H kit, for example, someone can put on his/her ETSY shop a sample of birthday invitation that people can see, buy, and then the scrapper just customizes it for the person and print to her and/or send to her as a flatterned jpeg image.

With a comercial use license you can also use that image to do another digiscrap kits to sell as personal use/s4H (and sometimes s4O) kits, once you alter the image.

I will do the glitter either tonight or tomorrow and email it to people as they're added to the list.

I'd help with the QC, but I'm going to be traveling a bit at this time and so probably won't have very reliable time.

Thank you for explaining Lorien and I'd love glitter when you make it Marisa! smiley

Thanks Marisa smiley I will include you on QC team anyway, just in case you have time to help QCing some pieces, or maybe to ask for a second opinion when someone else of QC team have a doubt about something. I will be probably sharing the tasks between QCers...

Unfortunately I'm going to have to back out of doing an alpha for the kit. Some things have come up with our pending move/job situations and I'm definitely not going to have the time to do it anymore smiley

Can I make some elements too?

@Sharilynn: No problem sweetie. tank you so much for letting us know, and I hope everything goes well with you.

@Marisa: Of course you can. As soon as you finish the glitters, choose what elements would you like to make, and let us know smiley

Can I do 4 thematic elements please? I'll host on my blog, and can add someone elses portion to my blog if need be as well.

Also, just wanted to clarify - they are due by June 19th? When does it go live on our blogs? The OP says June 1st, but I'm assuming that changed. smiley

Sure Heather, I took note on it. The idea is having someone else quality checking the other´s portions, so till June 19th to finish the version you´re going to send to QC, then people have a look and give feedback in a way it´s possible to fix things till July 1st. July 1st the colab goes live in the blogs.

I would like to do the -One tone-over-tone paper (like this one) for each color, please.

My name is Michelle Guilbeau (mkgilbo)

I have also done some QC work in the past for another site. I work full-time but I can try to help.