Please help: downloaded kit by accident

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Please help: downloaded kit by accident

Jordan - I accidentally clicked while I was scrolling & it attempted to d/l the Color Basics Aqua kit... I told it "Cancel," but it took away my d/l credits anyhow (18 d/l credits). Could you please put those back for me? I've already downloaded 10 items from that kit (if you check my records) & I was in the process of going to that page to download a few more items (my daily allowance of 10 dc), which I will do now despite this. Thank you.

Is there a way you could have the d/l system not take away the d/l credits if someone hits "Cancel" in the near future? I'm sure other people have made a mistake like I have tonight, and that would be very helpful...

To avoid it happening, go to "account settings" and check the box "show downloading confirmation when downloading." If you cancel in this download confirmation screen no credit is taken up.

I hope that works, Lorien....

In the meantime, I lost 18 d/l credits & I'm not too thrilled with that. I've been trying not to touch my supporter credits unless i want to d/l a kit or something (to make sure I have enough credits to do so). It stinks also because I had already used 10 d/l credits for that option when I accidentally clicked on my screen & it launched a d/l of that kit (grr). Am I the only klutzy one that's ever happened to?

Anyway, I'm going to do as you suggested although it will be a pain clicking on that prompt every single time. I still think that if someone clicks "Cancel," the system should put back the credits it took out.

Hi Lizanne, sorry to hear about that. I've granted you the 18 credits back.

As Lorien says, the way to avoid this is to check the "show downloading confirmation when downloading" option in your account settings.

It would be great if the credits could be given back if you click "cancel" when your browser's download dialog comes up, but unfortunately it's impossible for us to do anything at that point, because the download has already been passed to your browser, and is beyond our control at that point.

No possible way? Rats... If I were a programmer I'd try to figure out something for you, but I'm not so I'm of no help - sorry... It would just make life so much easier if there were some way to get it to do that when someone clicks on "Cancel." All the extra clicking with each d/l is a pain. But if that's the only work around, then so be it.

You know, I do have a thought though. But it would change the way you've programmed things... What if instead of clicking on "download," you click to an "add to cart" button. Then you'd be given 2 buttons to choose from - continue shopping or go to checkout. Once your done adding items, you'd select the go to checkout option. At the checkout page, you'd have the ability to look over what you plan on downloading & make any changes. That's the place where you can remove an item, in case you accidentally added something you didn't mean to (because you're a klutz like me & accidentally clicked on the button & oops! it's too late). Then you click on a button to finalize your order, and at the next page are given the download buttons for each item.

It's how they do it in a lot of online shops right now & thought maybe it might work here... But if it creates too much work, then please ignore my suggestion... I know you're crazy busy with this site & I don't want to add more to your plate. smiley And besides - you & Marisa are moving soon & will be in transition for a while. I know how much is involved with that & how crazy that time can be. I wish you both the best during that transition...

Before I forget my manners... thank you very much for giving me back those credits! I do plan on putting them to good use sometime toward a kit! Well, until I get on that unlimited d/l plan, that is. smiley

Thanks for the suggestion, Lizanne: we do want to keep things as simple as possible, but suggestions are always appreciated.