Creating a Customized User Interface

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Creating a Customized User Interface

Creating a Customized User Interface
Photoshop’s pull-down menus actually contain hundreds of options. If it is difficult navigating through menus, the answer may be to customize the user interface. In Photoshop, you can choose what menu items appear on the pull-down menus and you can even colorize certain menu items for easier visibility. If you no longer want to use a customized set, you can delete it and restore Photoshop back to the default settings.

Create and Work with a Customized User Interface:
• Select Window on the menu, go to Workspace, select Keyboard Shortcuts & Menus.
• select the Menus tab.

• To create a new set that is based on the current active set, select the Create a New Set button, enter a name, and then Save.
• Select the Set list arrow, then select a listing of modified User Interfaces.
○ To delete the Set. Select the set, and then click the Delete button.
○ To Restore the Original Set. Select Photoshop Default.
• Select the Menu For the list arrow, and then select Application Menus or Panel Menus with the items you want to modify.
• Select an arrow (left column) to expand the menu that contains the command you want to modify.
• Select the Visibility icon associated with a command to show or hide the command.
• Select the Color list arrow, and select a color for the selected command.
• Select the Save All Changes button to save the new customized User Interface.
• Click OK to save the changes.

I didn't know you could do this, I like the idea of customizing the menus