What is the best E-book reader?

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Do you remember this post, from 5 months ago?

My husband deceided that it´s better if I have a simple tablet than a e-book reader, because they cost the same and the tablet can be used for more than just reading, and also I can have both kindle and Kobo apps to buy from the cheaper place. Then, he started looking for a tablet for me, and I thought he was going to give it to me only on my b-day, in the end of June. but today he arrived here with my new android-based tablet smiley I will have a very boring day tomorrow, because we need to visit her mother, and some doctor´s appointments on the next week, so it will be used really soon smiley

Grats! I'm positive you'll love it. smiley

I have a kindle the very first one that came out. I'm happy with it,it maybe out date in a way a but my cell has everything else. I mean how much more connected can I get?

I have an Asus, It works great for what I need it to do.

I have an IPad, but I don't use it for reading books, because I got confused over all the apps available. It looked like you needed different apps if you bought e books from different companies. I thought perhaps I would get a Kindle because they are smaller and lighter. Those of you who read from their IPad, what do you think? What app did you download.

I have a Kindle and it goes with me everywhere. My grandson got one and I picked it up to check it out and drove straight to Target to buy myself one! The screen is relaxing for my eyes.....reading a real paper book is tiring for some reason. I put ecookbooks on my iPad, as well as any books I download that have pictures. I also keep a few books on my iphone. I have donated most of my regular books, although keeping a selection for whenever the power goes out!! LOL.

I have a Sony eReader simply because it was on clearance for 50% off at Target last year. Works great for me. But I also only need it for books (to be simpler when traveling) because I have a tablet, also. Can't complain about my reader!