New site feature: contact community members

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New site feature: contact community members

For a while now Pixel Scrapper users have been requesting the ability to send private messages to other community members. In fact, this is the feature request that has received the most votes to date.

Private messaging systems are complex, and there are a lot of aspects to consider... with so much going on right now, I'm not ready to implement such a system quite yet.

For now, I've implemented an intermediate solution: when browsing the forums, you'll now see a "contact" link below a user's profile picture:

This link allows you to send the user an email via a personal contact form. You won't have to worry about spam, or privacy, because:

  1. The contact form does not reveal the email address of the person who is being contacted.
  2. The contact link is only visible to other community members (not anonymous browsers).
  3. Every user can disable their personal contact form via their account settings page if they want to.

Be aware that users who send spam or unsolicited advertising via the contact forms will have their accounts suspended.

I hope this will be a useful contact feature to hold us over until we have a private messaging system in place.

This is a cool new feature..thanks so much Jordan!

awesome! can't wait to try it out! you guys deserve endless amounts of baked goodies and praise for all the amazing and hard work you do for this site!

Thank you Jordan and Marisa smiley

Thanks Jordan, this will be really useful!

Thank you so much!!! This is very cool indeed! smiley

once again, thank you for such a helpful add-on!! so grateful for all of your and Marisa's amazing work! thanks so much smiley

Another wonderful new feature to the site. Thanks for all the great improvements you are making.

Thanks Jordan!

Very nice - thank you so much!

Thank you Jordan, this could be very helpful. Also, I would think that this is as good or better than a PM feature!

Thank you Jordan for the great new feature.

This is awesome! My first thought was to send messages about my webstore and designer call but I don't think that is what is intended. I think there are so many other reasons that you would want to contact other scrappers though. Love it! xoxox Beth

awesome, great interim solution! smiley

Thank you Jordan and Marisa, wonderful feature!

Thank you!!

That sounds like an excellent solution! Thank you so much.

This sounds like a great solution. Thanks!


Thank you so much! I have already used the feature and worked wonderful smiley

Sweet little addition! Thanks!

Thank you. A nice feature.

This is WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for the new and terrific feature!