Access Denied for downloads?

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Access Denied for downloads?

I've been using Pixel Scrapper for a little bit now...and I've had no problems downloading.
I just attempted to download the something and when I clicked download, I got a screen with a bunch of jumbled codes saying access denied. I thought maybe I did something I tried it again. Wouldn't ya know it, I got the same message AND I'm missing 2 DCs now!
What did i do wrong?

Hey Cipriana, sorry for your troubles: I don't think you did anything wrong smiley . Are you still having this problem? If so, please take a screenshot and post a link to it here, and I'll try to get things sorted out! In the meantime, I've given you some extra DC to make up for your losses smiley.

Mr. Jordan!
No, when I tried earlier it worked fine!
I downloaded some beautiful papers recently and had no troubles, it was when I Was trying to download the leaf "embelishment" (forgive me-I'm so new its mind blowing) it wouldn't work!
Thank you Thank you!!