What are your top 3 favorite sites for quality freebies?

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Thank you for the resources Keishell. I've been using creative fabrics for a while. But the other ones are brand new to me. I can't wait to check them out.

Those who haven't checked out Linda Cumberland's site , please do so...she has closed shop but all her freebies are still available on her blog...

...and Ilonka's site too...lots of freebies....

Glad to add this to my project life section

Just an update on Creative Fabrica...

They recently finished their 300 days of freebies promotion, and now have a Daily Gifts one going, where you can download 3 commercial use freebies every day - a font, a graphic, and a craft file. Each set of freebies is only available for 24 hours, then it is replaced by a new set of freebies.

For example, here are the freebies currently available as I write this:




I really like this site, and I'm sure you all will, too.

EDIT: Sadly, lots of the older links in this thread are no longer active.

Shabby Princess is defunct. I've found links on Russian sites but have not been able to find current links. If anyone saved the entire free kits perhaps they could somehow share with us here.

Here's one site that I've never seen posted here and it has high quality free papers ... https://farfarhill.blogspot.com

Huge thank you to everyone who posted in this thread, and especially to whoever it was that went through the first couple of pages to post if the links were still working last week. It's a great resource!

Shabby Princess what a blast from the past! I think I have all their freebies plus a few from the Shoppe. They were my first purchased kits! Well I'm pretty sure the terms of those kits don't allow us to share the original zips but have you checked the site from archive.org [waybackmachine]? I was able to successfully download the Alpha kit using the link below. smiley


I didn't check them all but if you click on one and it doesn't work you could always play with the date to perhaps find a capture that might have the zip. I love archive.org! One of my most used resources! smiley

You're welcome on the going through and updating whether links are valid. I'm hoping to do a couple pages each week or so over the next month.

This works! Thank you! I loved her kits.

thanx for link

I use freebies from these sites
Freepik https://www.freepik.com
PhotoshopSupply https://www.photoshopsupply.com
Pixabay https://pixabay.com

Oh I love this thread!!! Wow, with that said. I can stop searching the web and do my research here. I love this place. It has the coolest freebies.

@Jessica--I love Wayback Machine, but for some reason it never dawned on me to use it to grab old resources. Thanks for the idea!

Thank you!!!

Thanks everyone, for the links. I'm a total beginner, so I'm glad to find them.

This site ( https://farfarhill.blogspot.com/ ) has gorgeous files but the download site is,unfortunately, questionable!

Check out Pixabay.com, loads of free photos, illustrations and such to download and use. I always see scrapbooking type graphics there.

They have a blog that is slightly hidden, check that for links to some free items by some of there sellers. I found a few for educational purposes.


Thanks for all these suggestions. It is a totally new world for me.

Thanks for the links smiley

I've had that thought so many times myself! I find myself looking for things to download, downloading, unzipping, organizing & tagging in PhotoshopElements... Likewise spending time getting my photos on the computer & tagging. It's been awhile since I actually made a digi page. I need to do it! Fun & relaxing & like sharing them w/friends & cousins, etc

OMG, TSP.....that's been a while....must have some of those kits on a cd-rom somewhere. Loved their designs. Thanks for the link Jessica.

Thanks for all the links.