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Make Over Contest

I normally don't do things like this but my friend is a Mary Consultant and they are doing a make over contest. So yesterday I got my make over. My before and after photo has been posted and on Mothers Day 5/12/13 the voting begins. I would really love to win this because there are 2 prizes I am really big on charities and the prizes are a $5000 to give to a charity, and another $5000 vacation. I have a few charities in mind so hard to choose so many thats the one I am excited about. And I never got a honeymoon after we got married so it would be nice to be able to finally take one with my husband. the USMC needed my husband right away after our wedding so we never got it. I would love to be able to finally take it I think I waited long enough for one 11 years. So if you all can please vote for me. Thank you.Mary Kay Makeover contest. Laura F.

@Laura That is a great makeover and as a fellow Marine's wife, thank you and your husband for your service-especially in this day and age! Love your photo and who doesn't just love a Marine in his dress blues!!! Anyway, I went to the site to vote for you but I don't we where I can do that? I did read the rules and it says that I can vote 5 times a day but I looked around and see no where to vote? Help!!!!

Voting starts May 12th. And thank you! I have yet to find a woman who dont love a Marine in dress blues. smiley

Oh cool. Will be sure to help you out. I too couldn't find the place to vote but then came back here and saw the above post. smiley

What a great makeover! I was looking for where to vote too, but I will go back and vote when the voting begins.

Thank you!

Great makeover, I too will pop back over there when voting starts smiley

Hooray! voting started today!!!!!

I voted my 5 times Laura...please remind us everyday!

Will do! I will have to do it on here dont need to start another thread. So if no one voted yet today please do so!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura...perfect reminder!

Thanks!!! Reminding again please vote for me! I have not been on a vacation in over a year I want to go on a honeymoon with my husband since we never got one!

Ok the once a day reminder for you all. Please vote for me! You can vote up to 5 times a day and please ask your friends to vote for me. I really need this vacation!

I voted, too...........Wishing you luck.

Thanks Laura, you daily reminders are a great help!

OK I am off of work today please do not forget to vote smiley

Dont forget to vote for me please please please! smiley

Just a reminder for voting.

Please dont foget to vote!

Laura the best part about voting is that they make it so easy to place all five votes!

I just saw this, but I voted five times today! Good luck, and you look great! Such pretty hair!

I have been bad about my reminders this week. I have been so busy between the temp job I am doing, and now taking care of marketing for a guy I know for his business and now my friend is wanting me to run her updates on twitter. I feel like I am in about 20 different places at once