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Marisa, I'd love to have your glitter to play with. Thanks!

I forgot to say earlier I'll host my part on my blog.

I'd like to QC but I have no idea how much time I'm going to have, so I'd better hold off for now...

@Michelle - welcome to Pixel Scrapper! I love that you are willing to help. Don´t worry, I´ll try not to send too much parts for you to QC (but you´ll probably quality check mine!)

If your name is on the collab list you should have an email from me with the link to the glitters. I used whatever email you used to sign up for Pixel Scrapper. I'll send more emails as people get added to the list.

I'll do the 10 brad/staple assortment too.

@ Lorien Awesome. I can do more than one... smiley

I would like to join y'all and do a tone-over-tone paper for each color

Yay Dawn, great smiley

A big big thank you for organizing this collab.

I would like to do 5 pattern papers.



Where do we send our portion to QC? Or do we load our URL here? I'm done with my assignment, and would like QC so that I can go on and do another Sweet Things Assignment.

Marisa, can you QC Sunny? How busy you are this week?

If Marisa is not QCing your part, or needs second opinion, I´ll do it. My e-mail is loriensworkshop at

I would love to do the button templates. Can I do those?

of course smiley

Will you made the "finished" buttons too, or just the templates?


can i do 5 patterned papers and 7 flowers? smiley

Good News ladies! I have already two fantastic parts to QC. I couldn´t do it today, because had some things to be finished, but tomorrow the QC will start smiley

I know I would love to join, but my daughter is due in the next few days and I know I wont have as much time to really produce any parts. I can't wait to see it ladies!

I'll do both the templates and the buttons. When is the due date?

Yes, you can send me some things to QC for now:

After my first set passes QC, may I have the two unique ribbons and three unique tags assignment?

Whops, Seems I haven´t answered the posts for the last two days, as I got entretained QCing:

@Jessica Fors: Sure. Which one will you do first? don´t worry about the other, as both papers and flowers are "the more the merrier" kind of stuff, so if the assignment is taken for other person I just open more slots smiley

@Megan: Cheering is as important as actually doing. Thanks for your support, we for sure appreciate it. And, if you realise later you have time for a short assignent, just let me know.

@Jenn: On June 18th the portions need to be ready, so we have plenty of time to QC. Hope you don´t mind that I pointed people to your quality check action, as it´s really useful smiley

@Sunny: Your second assignment is updated on the assignments post.

Also, quced portions are updated on 2nd post too smiley

@Lorien - Maybe a dumb question -- but! What color mode? Do we all need to use the same? Or to each his onw? RGB or sRGB? Or is it better to use CMYK for printing. I seldom print so I always go RGB. Is there a community standard on this sort of thing?

I can do the journal cards...

@Megan- congrats!

I'm starting to lose track of who I've emailed the glitters to. If you're signed up on the list and haven't gotten them, just leave me a note here and I'll get them to you.

@Tina: It´s not a dumb question at all, but a very pro one smiley For deafult, people don´t use CMYK for digital kits (although I did use CMYK for my first one, because I didn´t knew that, lol!) but, as long as you´re using RGB and passing it through gamut fix (i.e, turn to CMYK and back to RGB), you are doing it right. What may happen, specially for the orange we have, is that if your PS is set in a way and the person who is going to QC is set in other one, this person may ask you to check if you really ran the gamut fix, because to her it seems out of gamut. As this orange goes out of gamut when compressing to jpg sometimes (it already happened with someone) it´s necessary to double check.

We didn´t made a deafult, as we are not a store, or something like that, we are just doing a colab for fun. Particularlly, I use the deafult for Scraps´N´Pieces store, because I was working in some of their blogtrains, and having problems with some colors being out of gamut just for me. As my hubby used that one too, it ended the "why it seems so pretty in your photoshop and in mine it´s dark?" feeling too. Marisa uses different settings as mine, however.

@Molly: I´ll assign journal cards to you.

I´ll also upgrade the second post with Dawn´s preview. She has 14 fantastic papers ready to go already...

Now that my tone-over-tone are completed I would like to try "4 tematic elements (candies, cupcakes, lollipops, ice-creams, deserts, etc)", if possible

I have been trying to do some work without templates at all, so I don't know if they will be good enough or not, hopefully smiley

I'm done with my assignment, and would like QC. Who's got time to QC for me?

Can you please send it to Marisa? I have to finish Sunny´s and do Cinthia´s QC...

I've sent an email to Marisa.

I've sent my second assignment to both Marissa and Lorien, for QC.