Using Templates: Pattern Overlays, Easy Recoloring in Photoshop, video

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Is this the template you are trying to recolor? If everything is connected it will make recoloring different areas tricky. You can try selecting an area with the marquee or lasso tool, then it will just recolor whatever you have selected.

Hi Marisa it's this one, but from the same paper pack, I suppose it's layer and gradient and the like then? Thanks for the reply, sorry to be so long in answering.

How cool is this... thanks for this tut smiley

To me it is still a bit complicated but good tutorial video that can always go back to the case and have difficulty

I've been looking for such a tutorial for ages! Thank you so much for sharing! smiley

I saw this a while back, and it is such an awesome tip!! Thank you!

Thanks for this video I was struggling with keeping the images from looking jagged now I know how to avoid that

Neat, thanks Marisa! I'm learning lots through your tutorials. smiley

Good Gravy! Thank you for this tutorial. Complicated explanations are some times worthless but your tutorials are so easy to understand. Now I just need to learn the basics PS.

This will also work on Photoshop Elements. You have to hunt for the bits and pieces, but they are all there.

Awesome - thanks! I've been wondering how to easily use those paper templates. Really great to learn this.

Hi Marisa, I'm having a bit of trouble recoloring a template I downloaded. It's a .png image, so there aren't any layers. It's the Brooch Template 047 in the Family Day Templates Bundle. I can use the clip mask and a single color but I'm not sure how to recolor the separate areas, ie. the gems, the metal, the pearls. I'v tried to look through the various videos you've posted but can't seem to find the right one. The paper template videos don't apply here as its a png file without the separate element layers. And the one you posted with the flower petal and clipping mask is a single color only. Any advice you have or if you can point me to the right video I would really appreciate. I've spent about an hour now trying to figure it out lol. Thank you for everything you do. The videos I've watched so far have been a huge help in other areas.

Hi Michelle. You'll want to follow this tutorial, but instead of you using a layer of one color, you'll need to use your brush or another tool to color the specific parts you want to be each color.


Is there a place on the forum for those of us who need more help understanding where to put the files and organization of styles. I have used psp for 15 years, but photoshop is kicking me in the rear.

I have a tutorial here for loading styles. I don't do much organizing of my styles, although I will admit it's not a great system!

I went through the beginner series of yours 1-5. I am just having a tough time figuring out how to begin a real image.

What sort of image are you trying to begin Kimmy?

I just tried this tutorial on a layered paper templated and it didn't work at all. This template is one that I got a long time ago from a designer who is no longer around - That Girl. I have attached two images so you can I tried with ants and not. I use Adobe Cloud. If you click on the images, it will take you to a larger image.

Usually I create an 'clipping layer' to help me recolor - but I never mess with the tolerance. I will test that.

Here is what it looks like when I do the 'clipping layer'

What am I doing wrong or does this not work for multiple layered papers/elements?

I can't get your photos to load large enough to check out what's happening. Perhaps the lines in the layer are slightly different colors, so the tolerance is an issue? Try coloring each line to one color and then see if you can change them all at once, if that makes sense.

Sorry about that. I don't know of another program to use for photos beside Photobucket, lol. I did fix the tolerance but my issue is that when I click on that lock feature, I still have to click each item separately - almost like it doesn't lock. But if I create a clipped layer, it colors everything at once for me. That is what I was trying to show in the images. I was trying to figure out if I was doing something wrong.

The paper had 4 layers for the different rows and I had to add a 5th layer for the background. I noticed in the tutorial it is just one layer.

Thank you for your help with this.

@Megan: I'd suggest using for your photos, it's quick and easy to use.

I think your issue in Photoshop is that you have "contiguous" selected. This will only color one area at a time. If you unselect that you'll be able to color everything of one color at the same time.

@Marisa - That was the problem. Thank you so much.. I am so stoked that I can use this tutorial now and can teach new designers as well if ever asked. I will also check out that site. Thank you.

Thanks for sharing your creative ideas and inspiration much appreciated

Good to know thank you!

Thank you kindly for sharing this video of how to color it is very helpful Many thanks Christine Harrison

thank you for sharing your skills and talents simply very helpful
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Christine Harrison

Thanks for the GREAT tutorial!

Thanks heaps for this excellent mini tutorial. It's a great help

Thank you so much! wish I would have found this 10 years ago...I think this will seriously save me time and give me better results!