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New To Digital Scrapbooking

I am new to this site and to Digital Scrapbooking also. I have made a couple scrapbooks using papers and stuff but have never attempted digital until this week. I am hooked! I have made several layouts. I am scrapping my family tree and I have a massive amount of information that I want to put together along with lots of photos and I will also be scrapping my grandchildren. I have three granddaughters and a grandson due in October. Plenty to keep me busy! I just wanted to introduce myself and say that if I can figure out how, I will upload some of what I have put together thus far. I found this site on Pinterest! Gotta love it!

Welcome! I am new myself and see I will be hooked too. This is such a great site to stumble upon.

WELCOME!!! and so glad to have you join us at PS Gwen! Most of us would confess that digi-scrapping can become very addictive very quickly smiley Please let us know if there's anything we can help you with.

It's so addictive! It has taken over my life!

Welcome! I'm relatively new to the site, as well! Just started participating in forums!
I love Digi scrapbooking, and I'm loving all the tips I get here!

I agree! It's addicting, but isn't it nice that it takes up NO SPACE, and there's NO MESS!

Welcome! I am fairly new to this site, as well, but have been digi-scrapping for a couple of years now.

I agree with Ash, is is nice that it takes up no space, except when you need a new hard drive.

Welcome to the site, I too have been scrapping the family tree and all of the information That I have researched. It is a job that will never end with new items constantly being added to the different search sites.

Welcome Ladies, you are in the right pleace..don't hesiate for asking if needed!!!
It's hard in the beginning, but for for you will like it...juts switch ON and OFF its computer...instead of tiding the mess of the desk!!!!! found of!!!

I am enjoying digital scrapping. Everything is right at your fingertips and no mess.

@Gwen Looking forward to your family tree type layouts!

Where are Eads from? That's the last name of my fave actor in CSI.

Welcome...and I have to echo that it is definitely addicting. Although I don't get a lot of time to do it, when I start I end up at my computer into the wee hours of morning smiley