WMD #6: Patterned Paper

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WMD #6: Patterned Paper

In this quick process video I make a pattern from an existing image in Illustrator, then export it to Photoshop where I turn it into a digital paper.

Hi Marisa! Thanks for the great tutorial! There's one thing I'm confused about & I've watched that certain part over & over and still can't tell how you're doing it. How do you scale the pattern itself? If I go to "transform" and then "scale", it just scales my rectangle but not the pattern within it. That is, I made a pattern of space shuttles for next month's science fiction blog train. From the looks of your video, I feel like after exporting it with the large space shuttles, I should be able to scale the space shuttles themselves within the pattern somehow without creating a new pattern. Am I just understanding wrong? In order to get the smaller stars did you have to re-make your pattern? I know I could just scale down my space shuttle and then make a second pattern out of that scaled down version, but watching your video it looks like you take a short cut that I'm missing.

(Did that question make any sense whatsoever?)

I think the only thing you're missing is this option on the scale panel. You just want to scale the pattern, not the object:

Oh! Thank you Marisa - I'll look for that!

Thanks so much, Marisa! smiley You're the best!!! smiley