ISO: cute FREE Baseball or Softball kit?

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ISO: cute FREE Baseball or Softball kit?

DD is playing softball, and my classroom theme is Baseball (TX Rangers). I've bought a couple kits, but they weren't exactly what I was looking for... anyone have any ideas?

Well, I don´t know any... but I edited your title to be like the other request standards smiley

Hi Ash, I am revamping a baseball kit and will be uploading to Pixel Scrapper soon - but I can't give you an exact date. There are a few individual baseball assets up from when I first started as a designer with Pixel Scrapper.

What specifics are you looking for? I may be able to add them into what I'm desiging. smiley

I find all sorts of cutesy cartoon-ish elements and papers. I'm looking for something a little more realistic? Especially the elements! I also like elements with no backgrounds, as I tend to make scenes, posters, etc.

I can't find anything, sports themed freebies are very scarce it seems... This is all I got:

There is a round-up on baseball themed kits and layouts here. Even though it is old (2011) it still has a few good pointers and maybe some inspiration.

Maybe you could do a search on free stockphoto-sites like or You would have more realistic type of elements, but you'll need to extract them yourself.