Feels unnecessary to re-download when upgrading to CU

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Feels unnecessary to re-download when upgrading to CU

I know that you have to pay for every download... There for i seems unnecessare to download files i alreaddy have for PU for CU... Is there some other way i can do so it doesn't cost you smiley

you have a point Jessica smiley

That's a good point... don't worry too much about this for now, since upgrade downloads are a very small percentage of the total number of downloads we are serving, but I will think about how to prevent this waste in the future... (probably we can offer a dialog box that will ask the user if they need to re-download the file, or if they are happy to just rename the file that they already have--so that they know it is cu).

I just rename the files to CU smiley

@Liz: But how how do you pay the upgrade cost to change form PU to CU if you do not re-download the file? Currently the only way to pay the upgrade cost is to re-download the file...

If you close your browsers download window (not sure what to call it, the page that pops up that you then pick where you want the file to download to) you get charged the download credits and it shows that you downloaded it on items page, but you don't actually download anything. This happened to me by accident when I first joined and I was trying to download something, my husband asked me to look up something and I accidentally closed the wrong window.

Good point Dawn: it's true that by closing the download window when it comes up you can "pay" for the upgrade, but without needing to actually re-download the file (then you can just rename the file that you already have).

Jordan... I remember you saying at one time that if you'd already downloaded the pu version, that you would only be charged the difference between that & the cu version in d/l credits... Is that correct?

@Lizanne: that is correct, yes. If you have downloaded the PU version, the DC cost shown for the CU version is only be the difference in cost. (So downloading PU and then upgrading to CU takes the same number of DC as downloading CU from the beginning).

Oh, okay - I was wondering about that, too - thanks for explaining that about things I have not downloaded as pu before.