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Wavy Ribbon

My first tutorial in about 10 years (I used to have a HTML and PSP tutorial site, then I didn't go on the computer for a long time and everything changed lol.. more honestly.. I forgot how to do things)

I kind of stumbled upon the notion that I could achieve this while I was creating an element for an unrelated kit and low and behold, my first try came out pretty great. It looks realistic and goes well with scrapbook layouts of all kinds. If there is an easier way, please let me know or if there is already a tutorial like this, let me know that as well. I tried to skim through the ones that were already here and I didn't see one so here you go!

To Learn how with detailed, step by step instructions, visit my blog post here.

nice - ty!

hi thank u. smiley

I have discovered, if you want less precise ribbons.. ones that have texture that go along the curves of the ribbon, you can start with a rectangle, texturize it to your liking, and use the Wave distortion effect and get a similar effect before you add in your blinds filter. It's easier, but again, less precise and it may even have a less than great image quality. I like that the tutorial above can leave some imperfections on the ribbons that are more realistic.

I just made a ribbon and it looks more like a regular ribbon that is waved in and out to look 3D. Check it out. By alternating black and white stripes with your brush tool, gassuian (sp?) blur, and adjusting the opacity and changing the layer blend mode, you can get the same effect.

thanks, I usually use the wavelength effect, but this is easy to use too