Donation system is live! Get download credits for donating

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Donation system is live! Get download credits for donating

Well, it's taken a bit longer than I had hoped, but our donation system is finally live!

Check it out at

Marisa and I really want to keep Pixel Scrapper free forever, while also making it better and better. We believe in living generously, and fostering a spirit of abundance, rather than a spirit of scarcity, greed, or fear. That's not going to change.

But when it comes to Pixel Scrapper surviving and thriving, that part's going to depend on the reciprocal generosity of those of you who use and appreciate the site. We're working on Pixel Scrapper full time right now, and we'll only be able to continue that as long as you all help us to do so.

We hope that you will donate simply because you love the site, and what it represents, and want to help it survive. But we also want to say a big Thank You to anyone who helps us out. To that end, every donation comes with some "Thank You" rewards in the form of download credits and other goodies.

Bonus download credits that you receive from donating are tracked separately from your daily free DC allowance: so no matter how many download credits you rack up from donations, you will always continue to get your free daily DC on top of them! See the donation page for more info, and let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

Thanks to everyone who has helped the new Pixel Scrapper site take off over the last few weeks! You guys rock.

Hi i was checking it out and i got "access to PayPal donation buttons denied"
Any idé why? smiley

I just went to make a donation and got the same "access to PayPal donation buttons denied". I will check back again tomorrow to see if it's up and running. I want to do what I can to help out. smiley

I'm getting a Denial too! I cant wait to donate!!!!!!!

I will keep checking for the buttons to be working!

I'll keep checking, too! Love this philosophy!

Haha... this made me laugh out loud. There's just something funny about asking for donations, and then denying people access to the donation buttons smiley . Oops.

Anyway, should now be fixed smiley

yay! Just managed to do a donation smiley


Yey smiley I'll donate later smiley Sooo been waiting for this smiley

WooHoo! Count me in!

Question! I read three times to make sure it wasn't asked and asnwered before I posted.
Will the download credits from donations be available all the time? For example, daily DC's don't "roll over" or "collect" across a period of time. You use it our you lose it, if you will. Do the donated download credits also follow that same rule? I'd hate to get 200 credits and not use then, and consquently lose them! smiley

As far as I understood in the explanation of donate page, the download credits from donation don´t expire! So, if you have 0 of them today, and donate to get 200, tomorrow you will wake up with 200+the free credits from tomorrow.

Then, lets supose you spend all your free credits tomorrow + 40 of your donation credits. The day before you will wake up with 160+your free download credits.

If I am mistaken, please Jordan or any of the girls that already downloaded correct me!


YES donation credits do NOT expire from what I understand

@Lórien and Katie: your explanations are correct.

  1. Donation credits you get for donating never expire.
  2. Donation credits are tracked separately from your daily Free DC, so you will continue to get your daily Free DC allowance on top of whatever credits you get from donating.

Imagine daily Free DC and Donation DC as two separate numbers. Let's say you have spent your daily Free DC, and have 0 DC in your account. If you donate $5 you receive 50 Donation DC into your account. So now in your account you have 50 Donation DC, and 0 Free DC. The next day, your Free DC will sill update as usual. If you receive 5 Free DC per day, you will then have 50 Donation DC + 5 Free DC in your account = 55 DC. As usual, your Free DC will not accumulate: if you come back in a week, you will still have 55 DC in your account. If you spend 10 DC, you will have 45 DC, and the next day you will receive your 5 Free DC as usual, and be up to 50 DC.

I know it's a little confusing smiley . Like I said, just think of them as two different numbers: Donation DC that never expire + your Free DC that you always get every day (but that don't accumulate). But of course, you use all these DC for the same purpose: downloading.

I just donated. I'm not sure if I'm just not familiar enough with the site, but it took a bit of searching to find the donation page. It may be an idea to have it right up at the top as one of the menu options along with Home, Assets, Templates...etc. Just a thought...

I tried to donate but paypal wont accept my card smiley I'll try later to see if it goes trought then smiley

Oh i found the answer to my problem... My bank is down for updates... Yey..

YAY!!! It's working now!!! Donated $20... i've easily downloaded that much and more from your amazingly generous site... i'm sure i'll be donating again at some point! lol! Thank you guys so much for your generosity, this is a great community and its fun seeing it transform into such a hopping site for digi scrapping! smiley smiley smiley

YAY YAY YAY!!!! smiley It finally worked smiley Happy to support you smiley

Thanks so much you guys!

@Janet: Yeah, we're working on making the donation page a little more prominent smiley. Thanks for the suggestion.

It seems you are going to have plenty of spending money for Egypt smiley

Just donated my $20 and everything went smoothly. Thanks for giving us this great give-&-take opportunity.


Glad to hear it! Looking forward to donating again before too long. smiley

Yeah, just donated $5 and probably will be doing it again soon. Now I need to figure out how to use all of it in PSE.

happy to donate! it went through fine smiley

Thanks Brooke!