I'm Back

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I'm Back

Hello everyone, I am back from the hospital now! I had my Daughter on 5-15-13. She was 7lbs 3oz and 20 1/4 inches long. I just wanted to share my joy with you all!

Congratulations! She's absolutely beautiful!

Congratulations to you and welcome to the world to your baby daughter!

Awww, this photo is really cute smiley

Congratulations to you and to your little lady! Have a nice milkymoon

Thanks everyone! I am really enjoying it

Congratulations! Enjoy every moment with her.

She's beautiful, Megan! And what a nice picture of the two of you.... Congratulations!

Congratulations!! Best wishes to you both.

Congratulations on your beautiful daughter smiley

Congratulations! I hope you are both well.

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing!

congratulations, Megan! what a lovely photo!

Congratulations! Such a great moment captured.

Congratulations, all the best

Congratulations. You're in for a wild and wonderful ride. Enjoy every second.