Eye Closers and What To Do About Them

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Eye Closers and What To Do About Them

There's one in every group - even if it is only a group of two- the Eye Closer. And if someone isn't blinking, they are looking off to the left. Or right. Anytime you're trying to get a group pic you can count on one person having their eyes closed. So here's a tip I'm passing along for you, and this is not my tip, it comes out of a Scott Kelby book I have, but I have tested it and it works. Here goes:

Have everyone close their eyes and tell them not to open them until the count of three. When you say three you hit the shutter, maybe even a micro-nano second before. Not only does everyone have their eyes open and looking at you, they also usually have pleasantly-surprised wide open eyes which makes for a nice pic.

Try this and let me know how it works.

What eye-opening tips do you have?

I have used Photoshop to correct the problem. I find a picture of the person with the eyes closed, one where the eyes are open. Do a bit of copy and past. Fit each eye in and it looks pretty good. A nice fix.

I frequently use Photoshop as well. I've found that complete head transfers tend to work a bit better than a single eye (in the off chance that the head is tilted slightly). Then you can just resize the head and use the eraser as needed around the edges. That said, I think I may need to try your trick for very large group photos where I don't want to do multiple head transfers. Thanks for posting the tip. smiley

Oh my, I'd be too chicken to do a head transfer!

It's easier than you think. Give a holler if you'd like some step by step instructions. smiley

I've never thought of doing that. I too have used Photoshop. This will save some time and a much nicer photo.

I am going to have to try this next time I take a group picture

oh my gosh, you just described my mom! she always either has her eyes closed or looking up like she's having a vision! i'll have to try this tip! thanks!

My cousin is usually the eyecloser in EVERY shot. So instead of having her close her eyes... I have her open her eyes REALLY wide until I say 3 and then she can relax... this usually gets me a shot with her eyes open, otherwise... I would have to find a shot with her eyes open SOMEWHERE and photoshop her.

For large groups I rapid fire and hope that there is one where everyone looks good, if not I head swap in photoshop.

i havent tried the head swap either.. i may have to get courageous and try it. and i will definately try the close your eyes and count to three method lol. when my kidlets where little and i tried getting family shots.. it never failed there was always a mad face, a closed eye or a looking away lol... so i have some pictures of just the backs of them.. made it so much easier lol

A neat trick, I will have to try it.

I read this tip the day after Christmas. Will have to try this tip at the next family gathering! Thanks

Is the head swap as easy as cutting and pasting it and then moving it where you need it. I have not yet done a head swap (too chicken) but I have this problem right now with a photo that I need to get right. It's a family photo and my mom looked away and everyone else looks great. I have one shot of her with the whole group where she's looking and smiling so I would take from that shot, but I think it's zoomed out farther. I'll have to play with it and see what I can do. Thanks for the tips smiley

This sounds rather Frankenstein to me LOL

@ShondaDee It is not as hard as you might imagine -- it pretty much is copy (selecting) from one layer and paste onto another and then rotating to whatever degree if needed and then erasing/cleaning up edges if necessary. It gets trickier if the two pictures were not taken more or less continuously and you have to resize or something. You can do it!

I generally take a minimum of 3 group photos in any 1 position so I hopefully have a good head of most people to swap about with but I will ceratinly try your tip next time and see what I get smiley

Good ideas! I'll have to try telling them to close their eyes ... I never would have thought of that. I usually take a bunch all at once and hope I get a good one.

I've been doing this for years now, but it has to be done carefully. Once you have a hang of it it's pretty easy. I'm never koncerned about closed eyes, I just have to make sure there is at least ONE good shot of everyone with open eyes.
One tip while errasing around the head is to enlarge the motive and make sure EVERYTHING is gone. If the background is visable ( slightly different from the main frame ) use a soft brush to cover up. My latest project was to put a teenage girl into a poster with One Direction for her konfirmation party.... not easy with different lighting and a picture from a bad camera, but it was doable and the family is happy smiley

I am going to try the "count to three" and have them open their eyes....that sounds like it might make for a great group photo, thanks!!!

I have never tried to transfer a head or an eye or anything...I guess I thought that would make for an unauthentic photo...am I being too neurotic?

Photoshop is awesome for repair, if you have to, but how much better it is to get it right straight out of the box.

Its great to get it on the first shot. But, just in case, I snap a few while on a tripod. I use paint shop pro X5 and use photo blend to get the best looking photo

The more people you have the higher the chance of someone blinking. When I was using film, I used to take at least half a dozen shots to make sure one hopefully was okay! Head changing gets a bit tricky if the photographs have been taken at different times. I use the eye-changing method!

I have my shutter set to continual and I try to take 2 or 3 with each "set." I end up cloning eyes from one into another if need be! smiley

I love your tip!! It would be especially great when people are looking towards the sun.

Wow....I need to play with Photoshop more so I can do that.

I've heard of using the photo editing programs before to edit it but I haven't tried it yet!

I shoot in Continuous or Sports mode. Now that cameras have gone digital, we should have plenty of room on the memory card for several shots of a pose. I also like the suggestion of "count to 3"- I'll have to try that next time!