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Phone Photography Class

EEEEE! I am so excited! Big Picture Classes (which is a scrapbooker online classes thingie) is offering a class on Phone Photography this summer! It's pricey ($39, which I think will go up even more at some point) but I've been wishing and wishing for such a class at a somewhat reasonable price from a source that I trust, and it's a full monthlong class. One of the teachers is Katrina Kennedy, who runs the Capture Your 365 photo project, and there are other Project Life and memory keeping big names like Ali Edwards and Cathy Zielske.

It's not til July, which is great because I have zero time right now, and I am really hoping for some guidance that will help me improve my currently fairly dismal phone photography skills. My phone is my only camera, and I'd really like to end up more often with photos I love.

If anyone else is interested, here's the link Katrina sent out. I couldn't find it listed yet on the Big Picture Classes class list.

There's another Phonetography course through Photojojo that's only $5 and you get a $5 gift card when you complete the course so basically it's free! I don't have a phone so I can't take the course but I've wanted to since I heard about it. Someday maybe! But you can't really beat $5! Classes start on June 1st.

Here's the Photojojo course!

I heard about this, but I can't decide if I want to go for it or not. If it's going to be mostly prompts, I won't feel like I'm getting my money's worth since I can find thousands of prompts online for free. I'll probably end up waiting to see other students start posting their projects so I can get a sense of whether it's something I'm going to find useful or not.

It seems more and more I take pictures with my phone camera. It does take great pictures, but it would be nice to learn more. thanks for the links.

I use my phone now as my "point and shoot" and you can't go wrong with learning how to take better shots with it!

Photojojo is now $10 and get $10