Pixelscrapper Twitter account hacked

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Pixelscrapper Twitter account hacked

I think the Pixel Scrapper Twitter account is hacked because I received a so called 'direct message'(which was fake) on a email adress that is not connected to Twitter. The message was: funny picture of you <with an url here>. if you click that link you will be directed to a site that installs malware/virus on your computer.

I caught it immediately because I have received messages like this before and because it was not my regular twitter address.

This was the From: Pixel Scrapper (Twitter) <n-gvaxoryyr=zr.pbz-d9f82@postmaster.twitter.com>
And this was the Subject: Pixel Scrapper (@PixelScrapper) has sent you a direct message on Twitter!

I'm posting it here instead of sending your a message so others will be warned not to click that link! You can get into major trouble if you do.

Hope you can solve this soon, it's so freakin lame, people with too much time on their hands messing with your computer! I despise them!


I got the same DM and of course deleted it. I sent Marisa a Pixel Scrapper Contact message to let her know. Hopefully no one will follow the link in the message.

Thanks for warning us.

HUGE thank you for warning us!

Thanks guys! I think Twitter caught it pretty quick and shut the account down. It's back in action now and hopefully won't cause any more problems. Sorry for the fishy messages!