Customizing your work area - Guides, Grid & Slices

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Customizing your work area - Guides, Grid & Slices

Guides, Grid & Slices:
0The guides, grid & slices help you keep a multi-layered image in proper order. The Guides is where you select the color and style of the guides placed within a Photoshop image. To place a guide within an image you drag them from the horizontal or vertical ruler bar in the active window. The grid option is where you can decide on a color style, and layout for the Photoshop grid system. The slices option defines the visible color of a slice, even if Photoshop displays a number value for each slice.

Guides, Grid & Slices Options:
Mac: Photoshop>Preferences>Guides, Grid & Slices
PC: Edit>Preferences>Guides, Grid & Slices

• Now Select the Guides options you want to use:
○ Color: Select a default color for displaying guides.
○ Style: Select a default (Lines or Dashed Lines) for displaying guidelines.

• The Smart Guides options to use:
○ Color: Select a color for use with Smart Guides.

You can change a horizontal guide into a vertical guide. If you move into the Ruler bar and drag a guide into the document window. Before you release the mouse, hold down the Alt (Win) or Option (Mac) key. The guide will automatically switch directions.

• Now select the Grid options you want to use:
○ Color: Select a default color for displaying grids.
○ Style: Select a default style (Lines, Dashed Lines, or Dots) for displaying the grid.
○ Gridline Every: Enter a value for how often the grid lines appear within the active document.
○ Subdivisions: Enter a value for how many subdivisions (lines) appear between each main gridline.

• Select the Slices options to use:
○ Line Color: Select a default line color for displaying document slices.
○ Show Slice Numbers: Select the check box to display a number for each slice in the upper left corner of the slice.

When you select a line color, choose a color that is different than the grid and guide line colors. That way you can easily identify grids and guides from user-created lines.
• Click OK to set your preference.

You can change color choices for Guides, Grid & Slices. Click on the Color boxes located on the right side of the Preferences dialog box, now select any color from the Color Picker.

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