Stitching Brushes Round Up

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Stitching Brushes Round Up

PSD-Dude has a nice round up of various and assorted stitching brushes including some embroidery.

Thanks Tina, But when I click on the download Vipre blocked it as a bad site or place to download from.

@Charlie Long -Sometimes my computer software will warn against Deviant Art downloads, but I've never had any problems. As well, I downloaded all the brushes and had no problem, but every person has to weigh the risk for themselves.

Thank you Tina!

Thank you Tina. I did download them and they are great.

Thank you so much! This is just what I was looking for!!

Nice brushes Tina, thanks.

Thank you!

hi thank u so much. smiley

I love these! Thank you!

Great resource, thanks Tina! My mum is coming to housesit while we're on holiday and is a bit, shall we say, directionally challenged. I'm going to give the Creative Map tutorials a go and leave her some fun little directions!