question on how to use these (freebie alert)

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question on how to use these (freebie alert)

Saw these neat masks (freebie alert!), but I'm not sure what you do with them/how to work with them....

Anyone have any ideas? Could you show examples/illustrate ways to use them? I'm afraid I might regret it if I don't d/l it (I've never used anything like this), but at the same time I'm still trying not to d/l things I don't think I would really use (to keep my external HD from filling up too much).

I can´t find masks on this link... are you talking about photo masks, like this one from Marisa?

Thanks for letting me know the link wasn't working right, Lorien smiley I just fixed it.
The masks are a bit unusual... They're from a designer over at DHD, and I'd love to know how to use them.

The description is somewhat vague, but it does say they are intended to be used either with a cutting machine (to trace and cut with your cutting software) or as shape mask. You would use them as clipping masks or "fill" them with a patterned paper. At least that's how I would use them...

My guess is also to use them mainly as a clipping mask.

@Cat: Yeah, I did notice that. I don't have a cutting machine, so I would not be using them in that manner. And I understand they could be used as a clipping mask, but the masks are so unusual (never seen anything like them) that I'm not sure how to use them.

I've only used masks on pictures - these don't look like the kind of thing you'd use on a picture (at least I don't think so). I was hoping someone with more experience wouldn't mind illustrating for me - showing me how it could be used - so I could get a feel if these masks would work for me or not. I usually like written directions, but in this case I think a visual example would help me better.

@Lizanne Not sure if this is what you were looking for, but I made this layout real quick.

I did not actually download the masks, just used my PS Shapes to create them. I may actually create an account and download the masks to see what I could do when I am thinking about it.

@Dawn That is a great quick layout.

What I always do with digiscrapping is what I was suposed to do if I was paper scrapping. So, If I got those masks to use with my Silhouette (I actually have one) I probably would have no use to the second mask. I´d use the one that´s just an hexagon do do exactly what Dawn did.

The one that has a border, I´d cut on a patterned paper and use it to embelish two different hexagons of the "simple" type: In one I´d put the external border, in other the inner part, probably with that kind of double sided tape that is thicker to make dimensional effects (sorry, no idea on the name of it in English; in portugese it translates literally for "banana tape").

Those that come with shapes I´d put on the page mixed with the basic one, and I´d also put the shapes (butterfly, flower, etc) on top of some basic ones like Dawn did. I´d save the cutted shape that left (I.e: the butterfly, the heart, the flower, etc) either to embelish one or two of the plain hexagons, or to use as a cluster element.

The paper scrap layout that I made with a shape closest to it is this one:

I hope it will give you some insight.

off topic PS: Did you notice how we exagerate on shadows at digiscrap? there aren´t almost any shadows dropping from papers... And all the sequins have holes, as I glued them...I had a great idea... scraplift some of my paper layouts :p

@Dawn: that was exactly what I was looking for - to see how it can be used! (I see the hexagon with heart cut out) Pretty layout, btw! smiley My problem is that I've only used masks on pictures, and I really couldn't picture how to use them otherwise in my mind - the masks didn't look like you could/would use them on pictures - so your illustration helped.

@the other gals: I've never paper-scrapped, used cutting files or anything of that sort so it kinda went over my head there.

If anyone wants to give a stab at using some of the more unique hexagon masks in this freebie offer, I would love to see what you made...

great idea