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Would love to see....

Is there a place where I could request one of the designers to make something?

Not sure if they are open to that kind of thing or not, but I love Brookes project life style block templates, and was wondering if she could make one with a larger single box with smaller 3x4 boxes on the sides. Like maybe twice the size of a 4x6? Would be great for major even layouts...thinking birthday!

I'm thinking this may be the best place for now to ask and see, because there are a lot of designer's that hang out here at PS but aren't on the official PS designers list yet, since that is still something in the works for the future. One of the many designers that make stuff for the blog trains or maybe even Brooke will see this post and can help you??? smiley
I will also try in the next couple days to find them, but I remember a couple designers that were shared with me or that I found that made the PL type of pages when I was looking earlier in the year myself. smiley I'll come back here and let you know because there may be something already made elsewhere you could use, too.